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Published on Mar 3, 2012

On this episode of Miss Hannah Minx's JWOW (Japanese Word Of the Week), our word is "Abunai," which means "Dangerous!" Leave a video response or comment about something that is abunai. =^.^=

The hiragana for Abunai is あぶない, and the kanji for Abunai is 危ない。

And be sure to check out Network A for your YouTube source of Abunai Sports! Here's the link to their channel: http://www.youtube.com/networkA

And the link to subscribe: http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampa...

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Comments • 9,607

jogging without sports bra........ can we have an example please?
yeah it will help us learn alot
Seth Coolbaugh
Yes yes yes
Sharu Thammanna
so hard to keep eye contact
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Andrew Lazin
Her jogging without a sports bra = extremely abunai.
+Tacoman791 that's like a gift of a life time..
Got to watch out because you might get hit by a flying titty
Long Peenerweener
How to watch a Hannah Minx video 1. Mute 2. Boner
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The more you know.
Mostillist 623
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X Icer
me and her in a closed room = abunai
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Lauren H
+karl bale rape isn't funny, don't joke about it
Brian N
+karl bale then you're not a nice guy, you're fucked
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joe Piper
Is there a video of her jogging without a sports bra?
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Brian N
joe Piper is cool. I like people who stick to their guns. Or in this case.... Hanna Minx's guns ohhhh hahaha
joe Piper
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where did the party go? .-.
she's so pretty, it's almost unfairr!💛💙💜💚
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where did the party go? .-.
Satans Fetus Legs
+where did the party go? .-. I now see potential in the human race. Thanks.
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i dont know dude, my dick is in a pretty abunai level right now
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+Natalie Jones this is called unclean humour, if you don't like it ignore it... Simple as that, just like i don't like dan and Phil, i simply don't watch their videos.
Orlando Garcia
+Natalie Jones ugh your face is embarrassing.
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Saw this a year ago and I thought it was the stupidest shit ever. Just some weaboo chick with big tits using her big tits to get views. Someone Japanese guy used the word today and I overheard it. Immediately jumped to this video despite the fact I saw it a year ago. 
Because you associated the word with something you love (big tits), it was easier for you to remember. I'm sure her intent is simply more views, but that is a trick I learned in first year psych.
boobtuber lol
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