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Published on Oct 14, 2011

C.Ronaldo`s Home A video about his life

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Messi and Cristiano are both equally awesome, they should play together one day!
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Victor Liedholm
+ItsStyla Such a fanboy. Only on a Ronaldo video would you find a comment like this getting this many upvotes.
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Massy Biagio
I don't know if he is the best football player in the world, but he is a great man
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he is the best footballer too dude, yeah baby!
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Man I got a major man crush on that guy.
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Never said there is anything wrong with being gay...
+Awes0me2o02  You have no idea to what a man crush is do you?  It has nothing to do with being gay.  I just really want to bro out with that guy. 
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Hasuna 487
his dog lives better then me :(
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Grisha Gevorkyan
I would like to translate to Russian : "Нахуй идите уебки,перевода не будет."
Stone Brick
+Việt Hưng Nguyễn I would like to translate to Dutch: ''Het leven van zijn hond is beter dan mijn leven :(''
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cfadfdfasf fdasfds
Wow the dogs have a better life then me..
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+cfadfdfasf fdasfds Than you & me and from more than 60% of the planet.
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Sam Belitz
he is a jerk to his dogs and hes arrogant enough to think hes better than messi? wow this guys messed up.
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Grammar Nazi
Messi is better because Ronaldo throws his dog in the pool?
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Houston Texas
When you have this many haters, you're doing something 100% right.. Haters come along with greatness.. Ronaldo is amazing, Messi is amazing, you "football fans" should realize this, if you love the sport SO MUCH then you wouldn't hate on guys like him because not many players have his skill same goes for Messi.
Bianca Armani
He's unbelievably HOT, he's a highly-skilled Soccer player,He's good looking but I just don't like the way he treats his dogs.. p.s that doesn't mean I don't love him!
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Bianca Armani
+Landoforpresident i disagree with it too..i think exactly what you think! but obviously living in the country i became used to it! so thats why! 
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Ben Low
poor dog 
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you guys and that dog talk is just ridiculous... there's no one that loves animals more than me but there is no wrong in doing that. it's a water dog, know what that means? it can only come from persons who never had a dog in their lives. just wake up for life and defend what really matters. injustice is all around but it's certainly not in throwing a dog into a pool
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LegendxKillz Hd
Guys don't hate just because he threw his dog into the water, theres something called playing have you heard of it? And anyways you saw the dog run back to Ronaldo. He cares about his dogs. NOW STOP THE HATE COMMENTS!
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Agnostic Realist
That's why we animals (humans) can learn a lot from other species of animals (like dogs, cats, lions, giraffes, etc) they "live in the now", they forget, forgive and move on. But that shouldn't give any "human (with any kind of empathy)" to mistreat them. Total arrogant and asshole move on his part.
Emine Balic
+Meine Namen 9f0öeowwepeeäeeüwöödldrdöödp3öpödöödöeoeoööeöowoooeiüeoeoeooddidi
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