Sturmgrenadier, Valor, POVS, Muppet Ninja's (outer ring defense coalition) VS TEST alliance.





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Published on Feb 9, 2011

AAR: ChronoSphere, CO Sturmgrenadier EVE Portal

I logged in around 6:35am EST (11:35 EVE) to find Tannim with a fleet up, about 6-7 SGHQ and 1 Valor on Teamspeak. A couple of people were already at the tower in bassies chilling. About 10 minutes later SC from VE logged in - I took operational command of the fleet and told people to reship into Drake Army BCs while scouts were deployed (courtesy of Coar and Morphej) to 4C and R-O. As the minutes rolled by more folks from both SGHQ and VE logged in, no movement so far by 7:00am from TEST. We had 1 TEST cloaky in 33FN local. We got a scout moved into OX- where TEST had a few towers belonging to OMFG corp from TEST.

7:16am rolled by, tower came out of RF and we started repping it. We hadn't seen any movement from TEST at all, so call went out for BC pilots to reship to logi's or ospreys. No sooner than we docked that a spike was reported in R-O - it was a TEST fleet. We reshipped again back into BCs, went back to the POS and chilled there - we kept only bassies in fleet, everyone else went back to BC's. At this point we were about 25 toons strong, about 15-18 BCs, 6 basilisks and scouts. TEST arrived at the tower, we pulled inside and they started to pew pew the tower. A buzzard decloaked, popped a cyno and 3 TEST carriers arrived on the field. They had about 20ish battleships + a couple of support (a cerb, 2 BCs and a Jaguar was in their fleet).

At this point I gave operational command for the most part to LT (he had logged in) to minimize the amount of talking I had to do. At the time, I had been in a convo w/ LT, Elvamerc, SC and Forgon of Ninja Muppets with Unicorns that elva had arranged to bat-phone with, trying to get super-capital support. Forgon and company were trying to get there as fast as possible w/ a 10-man BS gang w/ 3 guardians. They got held up and lost 3 ships by Dark Pride in D5I, but they managed through.

At the same time Viceversa of POVS had been sitting cloaked in 33FN watching the events. I took the initiative to convo him and bring him into our convo w/ VE and MUPPETS. I broached the idea of helping us trap and kill TEST and their carriers. They agreed, and reshipped bringing about 18 or so battleships. More VE/SGHQ had logged in, and we asked those to bring a couple of dictors. At this point, the tower (which had been repped up previous to 30-35%) was back down to 10% and had started to bleed into armor damage. POVS, MUPPETS, and SGHQ/VE agreed to tempblue each other, and they moved into JKJ on the 33FN gate. TEST had a scout in system so they must have seen the 30 man blob there (with us in 33FN counting for about 25-30 ourselves) but made no move to leave. MUPPETS joined POVS's fleet (since they were in teh same fleet composition, and Viceversa could give them a warp in). Once everyone confirmed they were ready, we ordered dictors to burn the 10km from the shields to the middle of the TEST blob and pop bubbles same time that MUPPETS/POVS jumped in. SGHQ / VE warped to a tactical 200km above the tower (and after a miswarp to ANOTHER BUBBLE that was a mistake, we warped on top of the TEST fleet and started pew-pewing.

The three carriers there went into triage and we had an incredibly hard time killing our first primary - he took over 600k damage by the time he went down. The advantage was that the triage carriers were so busy trying to rep SGHQ/VE primary, that the rest of their BS weren't getting reps as muppets / POVS were calling a different primary. In this case split DPS (that is focused) was a successful tactic. In the time it took us to kill our first primary POVS/MUPPETS killed about 4-5 of the other BS and we finally popped our first primary. After that, BS's went down pretty quick (I think the carriers went out of triage once they realized it was hopeless). The rest of the story can be seen on the killboard. We blew a bunch of them up, podded Too Ducky (who is a known nyx pilot who could possibly have a set of HG Slave implants in his head) and kept the field. We looted 3 carriers, salvaged them, took all the fighters left floating in space. Was an awesome fight. I'll try to get a value for all the loot and salvage we took. Tower was fully repped up and restronted.

All in all a good fight, and an excellent show for SGHQ, Valor, POVS, and Muppet Ninja's.


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