Filming Police. Auburn, WA. (Interaction and Dialogue) (Open Carry) (Public Photography)





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Published on Feb 11, 2014

On 11 FEB 2014, at approximately 1:15 pm, I was filming various parts of Auburn, WA, when I noticed what appeared to be a Security or Police Officer was filming me from the inside of Auburn Justice Center. Having a natural tendency for curiosity, I started filming him. I was approached by 3 Auburn police department, and a 4th eventually joined the party. I think, overall, this was a relatively positive interaction. They were curious about what they perceived as "suspicious activity" and approached me. They did not DEMAND ID, nor was I arrested, and no use of force was initiated against me. They did not observe illegal activity and they did not manufacture probable cause or reasonable suspicion. I also will say I appreciated the dialogue, as it made a more interesting video. I expect a few verbal jabs, when I am out shooting public photos and videos. I will jab back a little. It just makes things a little bit more dynamic. In the end, they honored the oaths they took. I will never fault an officer if he/she is staying true to their sworn oath to the Constitution.

UPDATE: 12 FEB 2104: I have contacted Auburn Deputy Mayor Wagner, as well as the APD general email. I wished to actually commend these officers for honoring the oaths they took. I thought they should be recognized for doing so. I received non-automated replies the same day. Thank you APD and Deputy Mayor Wagner.

UPDATE: 13 FEB 2014: I have been asked why I engage officers in dialogue...why I don't just ask if I am being detained, and when told no, simply leave. I have been told to not talk so much. I know the basic script of: "Am I being detained? "No." "OK, have a nice day." I have seen that video countless times, with different faces. While I see the importance of these videos, they don't interest me as something I wish to do. These videos are kind of like my photography....the way I see it. I like dialogue. I think the dialogue is what made this video interesting. I don't want to do the same videos as everyone else. If I am going to put up with being detained, I am going to create a document of the incident that is, hopefully, a little more interesting. It is just how I wish to express my art.

Regarding Auburn police: Believe it or not, I actually consider this a RELATIVELY good stop...not so much for what they did...but for what they DID NOT do. Sure, we shared some verbal jabs, but they NEVER violated their oaths. I was free to leave at any time. I chose to stay. I chose to talk. I chose to share banter. They responded. They never demanded ID, placed me in cuffs, used force, or arrested me. They honestly answered the questions I asked. I contacted the Deputy Mayor, as well as the general email for Auburn PD the following day, to commend these officers for NOT violating the Constitution. It is my hope that the APD chain of command will watch this video, knowing I was not there as their enemy, but as a free citizen, an advocate, and an artist. Maybe they will look at the video and see what they did well, as well as what they could improve on...sort of...positive reinforcement. NOT violating the Constitution is but one step and hopefully, from this video, they will see the need to raise the bar a little..so that the next stop (whether it is me or someone else) will be an even better one...and the next, even better. They now have an actual incident, that has been documented and shared, to work with. They can look at the number of views and KNOW people are watching. They can read the comments to see what public opinion is. This video is a VALUABLE tool for them, if they are accepting of it.

Believe it or not, there actually IS a method in my chaos. LOL

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