stupid americans Asked simple questions but you will be surprised by some of the answers





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Published on Mar 27, 2009

Americans are not so smart... see for yourself.

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When he said "name a country starting with U" I instantly thought "Ukraine". :)
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Srikar Voleti
same i thought Uzbekistan
Guilherme Araújo
I instantly thought Uzbekistan
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"How many sides does a triangle have?" "4" "no sides... 1?" ............................... (-__\) o(_ _)o
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So if I find stupid people in Europe, that must mean the entire continent is stupid... right?
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Marcelino armuelles gordon
Stricken4Pot good point
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bashes head against wall Please do not take all Americans as stupid pigs as these people. I do understand majority is obsessed with reality tv. But some of us maybe 5% do care about world history. Aswell as educated not by college but by our own means. The world is bigger than America. nd much older
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Main Man
I agree with you. Still though, that guy that put France and North Korea in Aus... that leaves me with nightmares of trump bombing us instead of north korea
However. We once were a great country. When we fought for real wars, we invented things, we saved lives. Than ww1 happend and we learned you make more money sealing freedom from others, than fighting for those peoples freedom. As most we love our country, he idea of land of the free. Than the big corporations took over and we sold our souls. were a slave to a pope, and Israel
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James Cioffi
Videos like this are pointless. there are stupid people like this in every country in the world. 
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martijn games nl
do you have any proof or evidence that this interview is fake? If not why would somewhan belief your statement?
James Cioffi mainly america
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only in america will a fool like trump have a chance for becoming president
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Open your mouth,I'll do the work
vorpal22 -shit dick, Deleted all your videos I see. Didn't want people to realize you are just a sick twisted wacko and a lying queer troll ? Too late. I saw the sick shit you were doing and now I have you as an avatar to go with a user name that explains your destiny. 9 years of gay marriage as you proclaim.....Having another sicko screwing you up the ass for nine years. Bet you whistle when you walk.
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You can find stupid, ignorant people in every country..
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but only in USA they can become president
+Psychopathway Need a little kiss?
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Tyler H.
But how many people answered correctly that they edited out? Stupid fucking propaganda is all this is.
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+Gregor Hudobreznik You go slavi on someone else. I agree. Some of these folks couldn't even say "USA"
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chin Smart
Average IQ of Americans -10
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chin Smart Blame the education system.
Speedy Gonzalez
+Sans The Completely Legit Skeleton i wonder how many people they had to interview to find these idiots
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I can almost guarantee you that they interviewed a ton of people and most answered correctly but they thought "wouldn't it be funny if we just compiled the dumb answers and call their whole country dumb?"
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Another ignorant and pretentious so called "American" spotted. You just showed in your post how much you are brainwashed to believe that your country is "Holy innocent land". Silly silly USA peps!
Mister Anthropy
Very true, but it is still alarming. These are insane levels of ignorance.
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