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Published on Jul 7, 2012

[This Episode is RATED.R -- WARNING!]

Justin pushed me down onto the back of his car seat as he sat on top of me as we shared a deepened kiss, Justin let the jealousy take over him and I knew I needed to get out of there before he would start a fight with some random dude just because he was looking at me but everyone has their ways to let out their emotions and I guess this way was Justin's.
He smoothed up my thighs bringing my dress up with it, he trailed his finger tips up my body leaving goose bumps take over from his touch as he lifted my dress over my head before he smashed his lips down onto my neck sucking hard on random patches.

"J-Justin..." I hissed out through my teeth as I wrapped my fingers in his hair.

"God, I've missed you." He mumbled against my neck as he carried on leaving wet kisses around it.

I went to say something before his lips came in contact with mine once again, he lifted his top off from over his head before attaching his lips back to mine, I knew in a back of a car wasn't the classiest of ways for this to be done but who cares, I was with him and that was all that mattered, he made me forget everything, everyone at school who wanted to throw a few punches at my face were not in my head anymore.

"I missed you too..." I mumbled against his lips.

He pressed his body up closer to mine as a moan escaped my lips; I looked into his eyes to see him staring up and down my body as he roamed his hands around.

"I don't see how our parents think you're so innocent." Justin said while shaking his head as I smirked.

"Be thankful, they wouldn't let me see you again if they knew..." I said as I raised my fingers up and down his chest. "How would you feel about that?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

He shook his head. "Don't even get my started..." He muttered.


Our tongues wrestled with one another's as I felt a thrust hit into me below as my back raised into the air, I clenched my fingers into Justin's back, he begun to go harder and harder with every thrust but he knew what I could handle, he pulled his lips away from my mine as he listened to me moan out to his name, he smirked down at me while brushing his thumb across my cheek lightly watching me give in underneath him, he slid beside me and laid my body on top of his wrapping his arms around my waist so he could hold me securely.

"Another 2 weeks until we will see each other again, babe..." He said while stroking over my cheek.

I bit my lip and nodded slightly, I would be going to his party in a week but he didn't know, I wanted to tell him but I kept thinking his reaction to my surprise would be even better.

"How about we spend this weekend together, I bet the guys wouldn't mind if your friends came along..." Justin said with a smirk.

I laughed slightly. "You know I would love to spend the weekend with you but where would we stay and what would we tell our parents, they would think something's up straight away." I replied.

Justin sighed as he shrugged his shoulders slightly. "I'm guessing we will have to wait but me and the guys are staying at a hotel tonight so our parents won't know we have drunk and we won't have to drive home, we are just catching cab, why don't you convince your mother your staying at a friend's?" Justin said with a smirk.

I looked at him, that idea wasn't all bad, maybe it could work but if it didn't what would I have to lose anyway, I nodded my head. "I will try but no guarantees." I said with a smirk.

He looked at me with a cheesy grin, I could tell straight away he was thinking some things in his head and I knew straight away what he was planning, dirty child.


As Selena and Justin both walked through the hotel room door they burst out laughing at something not even them knew what for, Justin supported Selena around her waist as she stumbled into the room where the rest of the guys followed.
Chaz, being the least drunk was trying to bring Ryan up from the ground as he tripped over his own foot, the group all around was in a state, Miley had gone straight to the bathroom after feeling sick nearly the whole cab ride and Demi went straight to the sofa jumping over the back trying to land down the other side but tumbling off the end, her plan failed.

A new friendship group maybe?


Okay, I know you guys have been waiting FOREVER for another episode of this.
I am sorry for the RATED.R moments but it has to be done, it is just a part of the story and if you are uncomfortable with them I am very sorry.
I know you guys really like this story so I am going to try and keep this up for awhile:) this will reach AT LEAST 60 episodes!
There's a lot to come.


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