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Published on Nov 23, 2009

Selena : Taylor what are you doing here ?!
Taylor : Sorry if I suprised you I just wanted to say hi since
I'm in town
Selena : well actually I'm having a sleepover but
Taylor : a sleepover huh? well I wasn't planning like being here for an hour or anything I just
wanted to drop by and say hi and see how you were doing
after your dad and that?
Selena : oh well I'm feeling better and things are getting better

Taylor : but we should catch up later and
hang out and stuff
Selena : yeah totally
Taylor : well see ya later...
Selena : yeah bye Taylor..

Demi : who was that?
Selena : oh that was Taylor
Taylor Swift : huh
Selena : haha he's a boy not an evil twin of yours or somethng
Demi : you mean Taylor from texas?
Selena : yeah it was him he's in town...
Demi : well I always thought he was kind of cute and hot
Selena : yeah too bad you have a boyfriend with the name Nick
Demi : whatever..

the next day

Selena : wakey wakey
Demi : what time is it?
Selena : it's 11 am you guys need to go
Taylor : why?
Selena : well because uhm taylor the guy he called
and we're gonna meet up and hang out today
Demi : no offence but would that be fair to Joe since
you guys got back together .. again?
Selena : He'll understand
Taylor : I doubt it ..
Selena : what?
Taylor : it's just maybe this taylor guy is trying something
he's trying to tear you guys apart
Selena : what he would never do that!
Demi : okay calm down Selena..
Taylor : I'm sorry sometimes I say the things that come first to my head
of course Joe will understand he loves you and he would do anything for you..
Selena : *unconvincing face and a fake smile* well I better get going will you tell Joe
if you will go to see Nick that you know what..
Demi : yeah I will
Selena : thank you..

Cafe resturant

Taylor L : hey Sel
Selena : hey Tay

Taylor and Selena chatted
all day long they hung out
had fun and stuff
but Selena thought something was wrong
she wasn't hanging out with Joe today

Selena : so taylor you wanna come to my house
Taylor : loved too

they go to Selena's house..

Selena : so Taylor want anything to drink.?
Taylor : you have any alcohol
Selena : well I can drink it if you don't get me drunk
Taylor : haha funny okay what do you have?
Selena : well my mom has some wine if you want any?
Taylor : yeah sure

Selena : *sits in the couch with Taylor*
*an hour passes by and selena is getting a little well drunk*
Taylor : so *puts the glass away* did you miss me after all these years?
Selena : maybe a little hahaha I mean you are cute and funny but I don't love you
because I love Joe and Joe is my very good boyfriend and I wanna live happily ever after with him...
Taylor : really huh?

With Joe and Nick and Demi :
Joe : what? so she's been hanging out with some guy from Texas and
not me?
Demi : come on Joe he's probably gone by now go to her house
and she probably has missed you
Joe : fine I'll go

*he drives to Selena's house and is there*

Selena : well Taylor maybe you should go right now

Taylor : well I'm not finished *kisses her*

Joe┬┤: what is this!

Selena : Joe baby this is not what it looks like

Joe : oh yeah really... you know Selena you have been shouting at me kissing girls
but when we're not together you kiss that guy .. you know your just like Miley..

Selena : what? I am not like her you know
that I'm not even.. look Taylor kissed me... and he I don't know
maybe he just likes me but I don't love him I love you

Joe : your really drunk you know that.. but I thought people can't lie when
they're drunk well I guess we know someone can .. someone like you
just stay away Selena .. stay away

And that is the end of
the season of this show

I'm gonna take a little break from the show
and there'll be another season
but I'm gonna think of how everything should happen
but there will be a season 2 don't worry..



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