EPIC DRAGON Battle & GREEN NINJA 9450 Lego Ninjago Animated Short & Speed Build





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Published on May 20, 2012

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Set details:
• 915 pieces - $119.99 - 7 Minifigures
• Lloyd ZX, Jay ZX, Sensei Wu, Lord Garmadon, Acidicus, Skalidor and Chokun
• Weapons include Hypnobrai fang blade with blue anti-venom capsule, all 4 golden Spinjitzu weapons and 7 regular weapons
• 4-headed Ultra Dragon, 20"L x 14"W x 9" H with extendable wings, flame sphere shooter, flexible body and tail & easy-to-carry handle!
• Great Devourer, 13" long, features flexible body and opening mouth with space for minifigure
• snake prison, 10"H x 8"W, features opening gate and space for minifigure with snake venom trap!

The Great Devourer has been awakened and threatens to devour the world of Ninjago. Can the legendary green ninja, riding the awesome 4-headed Ultra Dragon, overpower this evil adversary? Can Lord Garmadon harness the power of the 4 golden weapons of Spinjitzu to destroy the mighty snake and what about Sensei Wu? Can Jay defeat the evil snake Generals Acidicus, Skalidor and snake soldier Chokun to release his master from the impenetrable snake prison?

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2017 NINJAGO HANDS OF TIME SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
70621 The Vermillion Attack
70622 Desert Lightning
70623 Destiny's Shadow
70624 Vermillion Invader
70625 Samurai VXL
70626 Dawn of Iron Doom
70627 Dragon's Forge

2017 The LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
70606 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70607 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70608 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70609 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70610 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70611 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70612 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70613 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70614 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70615 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70616 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70617 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70618 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}
70620 The LEGO Ninjago Movie {?}

2016 NINJAGO RISE of VILLIANS SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
70588 Titanium Ninja Tumbler
70589 Cole's Rock Roader
70590 Airjitzu Temple Grounds
70591 Kryptarium Breakout
70592 Salvage M.E.C.
70593 Lloyd's Green NRG Dragon
70594 Lighthouse Siege
70595 Stealth Raider
70596 Samurai X Cave

2016 NINJAGO SKYBOUND SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
70599 Cole's Dragon
70600 Ninja Bike Chase
70601 Sky Shark
70602 Jay's Elemental Dragon
70603 Raid Zeppelin
70604 Tiger Widow Island
70605 Misfortune's Keep

2015 LEGO NINJAGO SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
70745 Anacondrai Crusher 
70746 Anacondrai Copter Attack 
70747 Cole's Boulder Blaster 
70748 Titanium Dragon 
70749 Enter the Serpent Temple of Anacondrai 
70750 Mobile Ninja Base 
70751: Temple
70752 Jungle Trap 
70753 Lava Falls 
70754 Jay's ElectroMech 
70755 Lloyd's Jungle Raider 
70756 Dojo Showdown
70730: Chain Cycle Ambush
70733: Blaster Bike
70734: Master Wu Dragon
70735: Ronin R.E.X.
70736: Attack of the Morro Dragon
70737: Titan Mech Battle
70738: Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty

2014 LEGO NINJAGO SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
70720 Hover Hunter
70721 Fighter Kai
70722 OverBorg Attack
70723 Thunder Raider
70724 NinjaCopter
70725 Nindroid Mech Dragon
70726 Ninjago Destructoid
70727 X-1 Ninja Battle Machine 
70728 Battle for Ninjago City 

2012 LEGO NINJAGO SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
9450 Epic Dragon Battle
9449 Ultra Sonic Raider
9448 Samurai Mech
9440 Venomari Shrine
9441 Kai's Blade Cycle
9442 Jay's Storm Fighter
9443 Rattle Copter
9444 Cole's Tread Assault
9445 Fangpyre Truck Ambush
9446 Destiny's Bounty
9447 Lasha's Bite Cycle
9455 Fangpyre Mech
9456 Spinner Battle Arena
9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball
9558 Training Set
9579 Starter Set
9591 Weapon Battle Pack

2011 LEGO NINJAGO SETS @ http://bit.ly/14GzOuK
2504 Spinjitzu Dojo
2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress
2506 Skull Truck
2507 Fire Temple
2508 Blacksmith Shop
2509 Earth Dragon Defense
2516 Ninja Training Outpost
2518 Nuckal's ATV
2520 Ninja Battle Arena
2521 Lightning Dragon Battle
2254 Mountain Shrine
2257 Spinjitzu Starter Set
2258 Ninja Ambush
2259 Skull Motorbike
2260 Ice Dragon Attack
2263 Turbo Shredder

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Pink Cake Princess
OMG! My daughters love this! Thanks for the great videos! I have a Ninjago cake topper figurines tutorial video on my YouTube channel if anybody is doing a Ninjago themed party. I teach how to create edible Ninjago figurines to put on your cake. There is also pictures of the cake & the whole dessert / candy table to give you ideas. All the best & hope you stop by ; ) Andrea 
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Slayer Gamer
Edward Ross
Did anyone else notice at 00:45 the legs of the snake are backwards
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Super_MaxMan Channel
What's the music tho
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AmourMasterRed 13
I have this set
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whats the song?
The Oddest Onion
This guy is rich he gets all of the Lego Ninjago sets
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joe leija
I have this set i got it from santa 
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Вспомнил что смотрел еще в 2012.. Прослезился..
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