For The First Time: An Allstar Weekend Fan Fiction (Chapter 25)





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Published on Jan 7, 2012

"Hey, Mel, time to get up." Zach says softly, I sit up, "Breakfast is ready downstairs."
"Okay." I get ready then walk downstairs, eat, Zach's parents go to work and Vic goes to his friend's house, leaving the two of us alone.

"Christmas is tomorrow..." He says, trying to start a conversation,
"I'd rather not talk about it."
"Okay. Fair enough. So, what do you want to do?"
"Doesn't matter. Wanna go out for a drive?"


I watch the guys as they play their last show of the year. They look like they're having so much fun. I'm happy for them. They've come so far. Like, from just a garage band to playing in front of thousands of people... I think that's just cool. It's inspiring, really.

"They're having such a blast out there." Amélie says, interrupting my thoughts,
"I know. It looks fun too."
"Totally. This is a great way to spend New Years Eve too, ain't it?"
"Yeah, definitely."
"Hey, I never got to ask you, did you have a good Christmas? I heard about how sad you were and everything because of your parents..."
"Yeah, it was pretty dope. I liked it. How about you?"
"Amazing. Only because it was my first Christmas in the states."
"But haven't you been living here for like, ever??"
"Yeah, but each year, I'd fly back to the UK to spend time with my family. But you guys are my family now." I smile,
"That's awesome. You're like my older sister anyway."
"You're like my little sister I never had." I laugh, she hugs me,
"Happy New Year's, Melody."
"Happy New Year's, Amélie."


"Kay, no more drinks for you, young man." I joke,
"Oh come on, Melody! I've had 2 shots." Cameron says,
"You're already drunk enough!"
"2. Shots. That's it!" I laugh,
"I know! You already seem drunk!"
"I've been worse. You know that too."

It's 2am on New Year's Day, and we're still up. Crazy how we do this. Nothing like drinking with friends, at 2am, on New Years Day in New York. Haha, okay, maybe not the drinking part. More like, chillin', hangin', partying... Cameron ends up getting drunk...again. This will not turn out well. Or maybe it will, who knows?

"Mel, wanna go buy me anothe shot?" Cameron asks, I laugh,
"Hell no!" I say seriously, "Buy your own damn shot...actually, you've had enough, we're going."
"Agreed." Amélie says, we finally leave the bar, that's surprisingly still open at 2:30.
"Melody! Why are you such a bitch?!"
"I'm not." I say flatly, "Why are you such a douche?"
"Why are you such a douche?" I repeat,
"I'm not."
"Then why'd you call me a bitch?"
"Cause you are one. Live with it. I've been able to bear you and your bitching for the last 4 years, I think you'll be able to." I roll my eyes,
"Don't even talk to me." I noticed we're all getting edgy, but I don't blame anyone. It's late. Plus Cameron's pissing us all off. Not just because he's calling me a bitch, because he's just being a douche in general. Like, he pushed me into a fence while we were walking because I was 'in the way'. Zach runs up to me,

"Hey, you okay?" He asks,
"Yeah. I'm fine, thanks. Do I have permission to punch your best friend in the face?"
"At this point, yes. You do." I smile, I run up to Cameron and push him into the fence,
"You were in the way." He gets back up and slaps me,

"Hey! You can't treat my best friend like that!" Michael says, and punches him in the arm,
"I can if I damn well feel like it!" He punches Michael on the side of his neck.
"Kay, you can't treat my friends like this." Zach interferes, and lightly pushes Cameron on the shoulders, "Come back when you're sober." We all walk away, avoiding Cameron. We finally get back to the hotel. Cameron walks up to me,

"Look, I'm really sorry," He tells me, for a second, I believed him, until he slapped me, "That you're a loser and nobody loves you." He walks away, I sit up on the bed, my knees against my chest, crying. Zach runs in,

"I'm gonna hurt that son of a bitch for you." He says seriously, and sits next to me, "What the fuck did he do now?"
"Slapped me. Told me I'm a loser. Nobody loves me. I believe him. I'm a fucking loser."
"No, don't believe that," he says rubbing my back, "I love you."
"Really?" He kisses me on the lips,
"Yes. Really."

Aight. Cute ending. I know.(:
Anyway. Anyone reading?
I feel like nobody's reading, other than erin xD

New fanfic. Ya'll have 2 choices. And i shall post the intros down there. You gotta say what one you want! xD I needa post it in another vid sooo one sec!!



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