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Published on Sep 13, 2017

Mr. Scott Nordheimer is responsible for overseeing Urban Atlantic's new business development. He holds a BA in Political Science from Parsons and is a former instructor of Real Estate at the Harvard School of Business.

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What is the salary of a real estate agent in Spain? The million dollar question has a quick response: it depends. It depends on many things, such as training, dedication and the company for which the professional works.

But since we do not want you to be disappointed by this imprecise answer, in this post we will tell you how to determine how much a real estate agent in Spain earns and the factors to take into account.
What does the salary of a real estate agent in Spain depend on?

In this profession, we have the great handicap of having professionals from other business sectors. Often the mistake is made to think that anyone can dedicate themselves to selling houses, when in fact a solid formation is necessary.

Therefore, the first step to determine the salary of the real estate agent is to think about whether or not you have such training. It is not a matter of having passed through the university, but of being trained in real estate sales techniques, business administration, notions of contracts, advice, etc.

Are you a trained agent? Then you have the first step covered.

Secondly, to determine how much a real estate consultant earns, one must take into account the years of experience. Did you just get to the sector? Then you will have little experience, something that is paid with a higher salary.

Finally, the third and final step is whether or not it can sell properties.

Because, ultimately, it is about getting the property sold, something that if you can achieve (a born seller or star) must be recognized with a salary of a real estate agent in Spain to match your results.
Annual average operations, the key to the formula

It is clear that a professional who has just arrived on the market will not win the same as one who has been on the market for many years.

Why? Because the one that takes more time, almost with total probability will be more efficient.

Stay with this word, because it will be the most important that we review in this post.

An agent of maximum efficiency, that which is capable of capturing and selling properties quickly, may link some operations with others.

The reality is that this scenario is not very likely, because no matter how good the agent is, we must expect that he does not work alone. To operate at its highest level, agents must have the support and advice of other professionals, such as lawyers, experts, notaries and many others.

Moreover, Rafael Bello, one of the most capable real estate agents in our country, gets an average of 400 operations per year in REMAX / Arcoiris thanks to the fact that it has two offices with about 53 agents.

Thus, we can find highly efficient work teams, which get many sales per year, and more modest equipment, where few professionals must share all the work of calls, negotiations, visits, supervisions, etc.
How much does a real estate agent in Spain earn? Concrete figures

If we take into account that the minimum interprofessional salary is 707.60 euros, you will have problems if you do not manage to close any sales every month Nordheimer.

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