Life Changing Mistakes - "I got her pregnant"





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Published on Jul 25, 2012

For the people in the comments, earlier in the email he states that they did not use protection. http://twitter.com/#!/MrRepzion
Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/4xs4ew5

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Skadi the Beast
I am surprised about the amount of men protesting here that they think they should have the same amount ofright to choose the abortion for woman...none of them ever tried to understand how basic psychology of a woman works, how huge and strong mothers bond can be and how hard decision for a woman this is. I know guys that we are working on equality here, but COME ON! On a path to equality you cannot deny that nature made us have some differencies!
Elizabeth Ludwig
In Norway, I think, they're developing a law that is similar to "male abortion." If he doesn't want to have the kid, but the woman does, he can opt out of all duties early in the pregnancy, and literally has no paternal rights but is also not allowed to see the the child (obviously) ect.
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Sorry but I cannot agree. Women can surrender motherhood simply by choice and have no bind or responsibility at all to the child. They can make choices to effect the child without the consent of the farther. Men have none of the same rights so why the hell to be assign men the label of parent. We hear all the time her body her choice. If the wishes of the farther can be disregarded and the wishes of the other taken as a command. Then why the hell should men even be made responsible of a child that they have no say over. If men have no say in a child being aborted or not then I do see it as reasonable for that man to be held accountable for that child.  
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Dessi Delany
@("RNA0ROGER")- You have a lot of baby-mama's, don't you?
Eminem Scholar
Regardless of if you think Abortion is right or wrong, I want you to ponder this question. So if Feminism is about equality, and Feminists strive for the "equality between the genders" why don't they push for both parents to be able to get an abortion. Because females can opt out of parenthood and males can not, that doesn't sound like equality.
Tamarah Morgan
I think all options should be considered and talked about. Like, abortion, adoption or keeping the child. The woman does have the final say, however, they should discuss their option. Besides, you're gonna need to learn to communicate and stay calm if you're going to be having kids. That aside, I agree with you. I hate people who run away from responsibility when they are responsible in the creation of it. Like, grow up.
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Heather Reich
Why so many dislikes?
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x x
I'm sorry but if you think you're old enough to make the desicion to take a woman to your bed, then you should be able to accept the consequences. Same goes for the girl.
Doug Perry
My point is that a man can be forced into fatherhood at any point in the process. the woman can discreetly stop taking birth control, can rape the man, can sabotage the condom if it's consensual, can decide against an abortion where it's legal, can sue for paternity, and society doesn't look at accidental pregnancy as the woman's fault, a man's relative find's he impregnated a person, "Man up and support it." for women, "Let's find the sick bastard and make him pay."
I disagree. Men should have reproductive rights and not be completely left with being at the will of a woman. 
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