Rosetta Stone - 7 Reasons I Am Reluctant To Use It





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Published on Jul 5, 2009

Steve of LingQ.com talks about Rosetta Stone language learning software.

0:03 My son’s experience of using Rosetta Stone.
1:06 Rosetta Stone did a tremendous job.
1:59 Rosetta Stone’s method essence.
3:42 Reason 1: Multiple-choice questions VS Communication.
4:11 Reason 2: I wouldn’t find time to commit to it.
4:40 Reason 3: I don’t believe in nailing things down.
5:37 Reason 4: Lack of context.
6:22 Reason 5: It’s not gratifying to me.
7:03 Reason 6: It doesn’t take me far on my language learning path.
7:26 Reason 7: Uncertainty doesn’t bother me.
8:35 I would like to hear your opinion.

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Trevor Stott
I'm a polyglot who loves to learn languages and I have a lot of experience with both programs.   LingQ is all in all a far superior program.  I spent three months with Rosetta Stone--every day for two hours, learning German, and made quite little progress.  Learning felt like a damn chore, besides, because I was taught by repeating asinine phrases over and over again.  Indeed, if you spend an hour learning with Rosetta Stone, you'll essentially be repeating 10 minutes of exactly the same meaningless content, over and over again, until you're nauseated by it.  (We're talking things like "The boy throws the ball, his mom catches the ball, the house is orange.")   When you learn with LingQ, you're immediately exposed to authentic content (like podcasts and books) that is both a) 100% more interesting and b) actually more effective as a teaching tool because it shows you the natural language right from the get go, instead of keeping you immersed in artificially constructed, simple content that doesn't reflect what people actually say.     What I do appreciate about Rosetta Stone--but this is a trait shared by LingQ--is that it doesn't make the mistake of trying to teach you grammar rules, but rather expects you to learn through absorption.  Rosetta Stone's downfall, however, is that it insists on using visualization to teach every part of the language--this is ultimately an unnecessary gimmick.  The idea behind it is that supposedly, babies learn to speak by associating pictures, sounds, smells and what-have-you with spoken language.   Rosetta Stone thereby wants you to believe that in order to become a native speaker, you have to learn the same way that babies do.   Here's the problem with that--You are an adult and you have already learned the concept of language.  Expecting you to relearn simple noun-object associations is essentially reinventing the wheel. Better than associating words with pictures is associating language with ACTUAL MEANINGFUL CONTENT--that's what LingQ does.  I used to recommend Rosetta Stone because at least it provides a framework for language exercise--much like a gym program.  But I've found a much better trainer in LingQ--I now would never recommend Rosetta Stone because its cost is exorbitant.    I spent three months, two hours a day with LingQ learning German and became conversationally fluent, able to both speak and understand.   This for the cost of THIRTY DOLLARS as opposed to the hundreds of dollars you fork out for Rosetta Stone.  Steve Kaufmann is THE language guru.  Also, for everyone's info, I have literally nothing to do with the LingQ staff, I'm just offering my honest opinion to fellow language learners.
Let's Talk English Diálogos em Inglês
I disagree with you, that course is very good, all of my english I've learned from it, I finished level 5, and now I speak a little english, enough for me get to speak about whatever, I know I have some problems with the grammar but I dont mind, the most important is....... I GOT, I understood everything you just said....... you should try to finish it before to say something about.......... my first language is portuguese and now I SPEAK ENGLISH as second language , THANKS ROSETTA STONE.
Youre such a smart guy!!! love you encouragement and your views on learning a language and what to me sounds like the very obvious best way to do it. Thanks a lot for taking your time sharing your experience! Much love
You really should have used it before doing a review on it. You were so far off on things. I still don't think you would like it, but you certainly shouldn't be talking bad about a program you have never used. This seemed more like a video talking down on companies, just to promote your own.
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Hank Sparks
If you actually used rosetta stone, you would find it much more complex and helpful than said in this review.
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Nick Sauve
Rosetta Stone in my opinion is good on some level. It's good to get your feet wet. Your obivously not going to learn from taking a project and become fluent. But in the long run you can do alright with the program. 
big boss bob ross
Rosetta Stone's effectiveness depends on how close the language is to your own language. For example, if you speak english and you with to learn spanish or french, it may be challenging, but will ultimately teach you the basic concepts. However, trying to learn something such as latin, it's quite different. It goes over NO grammatical rules and does not teach you to effectively conjugate verbs. The latin program is good for vocabulary, but ultimately it's not a stand alone product as advertised.
Kia Mozartoz
I agree. Rosetta Stone has a small vocabulary. It's very boring. It's not natural...I'd even say that u can use Rosetta Stona in ur sparetime, like a little boring game. Otherwise, i don't recommend Rosetta. And I recommend Lingq.com. There are a huge vocabulary that u can learn there.
slimani ouail
sorry steve but you should try it before judge it for example when you mentioned that you can't remember the word by this way ...you missed something in rosetta stone when you learn word it use mechanism that make you don't forget it for example it use the word in different contexts and repeat them in different lessons and units and levels in different phrases I have to mention it couldn't make you fluent . but it could be very useful for learn vocabulary in context and use them in simple phrases . that means rosetta stone is good but it isn't enough and there is another problem that you mentioned it needs lots off time and it's very boring it needs patient sorry for my bad english and I hope that message reach
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My local library has Rosetta Stone so I get to use it for free.  I think it is good for learning basic vocabulary, but that is about it.  I just started using your website ling and I love it.
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