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Published on Mar 6, 2010

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There's been a lot of upbeat pop songs being uploaded lately, so I decided to sing something a little darker for a change. It's such a beautiful lament- the dynamic notes followed by the opera-style crescendo just slammed into the middle part. Absolutely stunning.

The composer should really have more recognition for this song, imo. It was a privilege to sing this.

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Comments • 1,496

Cooкїє ღ
And still I wonder, why can't I hit these notes?
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+Sasha Braus Good to here XD
Cooкїє ღ
+Shademaren Aha, well I already drink abnormal amounts of water so I'm getting there. XD
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If I hit those high notes, I'll kill my entire family with my voice.
Miku Kuran-Keisuke
I was trying to sing along, and then I scroll down as I'm singing and I see your comment. You made me laugh! D:
KawaiiKaylee K.k.
Kayla Keller
Roses are red, The air grows thick, With the smell of death, The clock still ticks. The blood that flows, out of my heart, Pulls me into you, so we're not apart. And as i gaze upon your now lifeless soul. The clock ticks once more, and chimes its final toll
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Imma send that to my crush and see what he says xD
Kayla Keller
im so sorry :<
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Lisanna Nguyen
High notes yup yup overkill for me :| my voice is capable to reach deep notes but these high notes....i sound like a high pitched duck trying to sing ._. 
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Yukki Nura
+Lisanna Nguyen i could reach all the notes on this one but i cant reach many low notes i only work for high pitched songs -By: a person that is actually not Miku bot put that as a username cause she couldnt think of anything else....<3
good bye
+lilinthia Oh okay, Thank you. .v.
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I could sing this whole song perfectly hitting the right notes except for the "My one only Prince Charming!" Part....that's too high
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Easy* Idk my vocal range though-
+Jarett Spangler Yeah it is easu for me.. I sing too much but love it!!!
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Elizabeth Midford
This is beautiful. :o) ((WHY CANT I HIT HALF THE NOTES?!?! corner of shame*))
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I dont know my range.. Now i know i can hit thhe high note.. the one only prince charming one... can you tell me my range maybe
idk if i can hit them... in the multilanguage oone i can
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Oliver Kagamine
Is it bad that I can hit all the high notes? ... ((My voice can go high and low... But my voice is usually low)) Anyway, this is a great cover! ★★★★★★
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lovesmusic 2020
no it's more like amazing
Daan Roelofs
these notes actually sound high because they are soft, but these shouldn't be that hard to reach
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Serena Webb
i think people are over reacting, it's not THAT high lol, not for a soprano anyway. (I'm not saying she doesn't sound good - she's great)
Tokyo Ghoul
I feel like this should be on the Mad Father soundtrack.  WARNING SPOILERS ------------ ------------ ------------ Just imagine this playing this when Aya is in the room with her father and mothers ghost as she decides what to do. Or when her and Maria are running away from their burning home. I'm imagining all the scenes animated and drawn in a guilty crown style with this song in the back. It would be so awesome!!!!!
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I thought about making an rpg when I finished my graphic design class atmy high school maybe i could try finding a way to make something similar to this 
Ingrid Carrillo
WHO ARE YOU? And why do you share all my interests :0
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lala lee
people r saying they can sing all but the only prince charming part and that's the only part I can sing.
View all 3 replies
can sing that too but fail moostly the beginning
Lisa Kubicek
You're a good soprano (if that's how you spell it)
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