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Published on May 4, 2012


A strange ghost wanders lonely in Europe. It drifts about the entire technologically and spiritually advanced world. By the looks of it, all that Hollywood fantasy stuff -- Batman, Robocop, The Terminator, Spider-man, the X-men, Iron Man, Bicentennial Man, The Matrix, The Surrogates, Avatar -- shows which way the wind blows.

The ghost looming at the semantic and technological horizon has been recently recognized by the experts. It is the ghost of the transhuman immort-revolution, a revolution which will make man an invulnerable immortal overman, almost a God-man.
Yet it is just a ghost. But to whom, if not us Russians, is the process of making ghosts real so painfully familiar?! We are a nation of great dreamers. We are genetically programmed not to care about delicious food, nice cars, or houses with mowed lawns.

Our Russian Icarus, Furvin Kryakutnoy, strove for the sky, and despite all the prohibitions jumped from towers on his homemade wings. Perhaps it was not for nothing.
We gave the world great dreamers and cosmists: Fedorov, Berdyaev, Soloviev, Roerich, Tsiolkovsky, Vernadsky. We have the power to incarnate dreams.
A new dream is standing on the horizon. It is going to bring us fantastic future -- not at the expense of political upheaval, but through peaceful and rapid development of high technology. This incredible ghost of tomorrow, a ghost that, once materialized, will change once and for all the course of human evolution and mark the end of the old world, will reshape the world's global architecture with its cosmic templates. Fukuyama's dream is coming true. The new world order will be set.

Its voice is yet weak and its strength is small, but its appearance sparks awe and delight in all -- from respectable citizens to prudent politicians, from hard-boiled journalists to long established millionaires.

Now its outlines are barely distinguishable against the background of daily routine: velvet revolutions, new iPhones and iPads, permanent interethnic clashes, the struggle for influence in oil-rich areas, falling ratings, celebrity scandals, etc.

However, this ghost has a great ally and protector -- time -- which helps it grow, systematically, relentlessly and inexorably. A new era is coming, opening the door into a world of fantastic possibilities. It knocks on our own door more and more insistently.

And when the ghost acquires flesh and blood, becoming a reality, everyone will suddenly marvel and see how deeply wrong they were in underestimating it, ignoring it, brushing it off, making a game of it, pretending it did not exist, and not recognizing the great and destined future that always went with it.

It is becoming reality right now, before our eyes. Scientists have begun working on an artificial brain, the summit meeting regarding robotic duplicates of human beings has taken place, thought-controlled robots have been created... And the Russia 2045 Movement arose and declared itself, attracting the attention of futurologists and academics.

We are here to create a whole new world. A world without fear, pain and death. A world governed by evolution's reason, where there is no suffering, and where cybernation, cyborgisation, the uploading of the mind into an artificial body or a light hologram, and the creation of a neohuman, is a fait accompli. Some call it 'Paradise-engineering', a man-made paradise. Nano-bio-info-cogni-GNR ....How many more intricate abbreviations must appear to free the people from the grievous reality of age, sickness, and death?

The idea of a new human, and of immortality and eternal life, has finally rolled around. It
descended from cinema screens and came down through the pages of science fiction, futuristic forums, and blogs. It materialized into a particular project with real people, sober-minded, pragmatic and able to dream. It has concentrated into an unparalleled megaproject.
The project will transform a human being into a young god and will lift struggling humanity from the mud. The project, like Prometheus, will provide people with the fire of eternity and pull them out of the cradle of the Earth, rushing them skyward, into space.

The archaisms of the old world, such as death, old age, disease, pain, hospitals, drugs, food, clothing, cold and heat, will be be revoked. The wisdom of the enlightened human mind will triumph over the inert matter of human flesh.

This is an appeal to all sensible people, to those who care about their own fate, the fate of their loved ones, children and grandchildren, and the fate of all mankind. At last! Right now we have a real opportunity to make a weighty, significant step. We call upon you to support the Russia 2045 Movement and its ideas.

Let's throw away our doubts and recall our youth when we could genuinely love, believe, dare and dream! Let us advance the creation of the immortal neohuman, on behalf of all mankind.


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