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Published on Apr 23, 2012

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Princeton - Existence ft. Dillon Chase

From Princeton's Free mixtape "Excuse The Explicitness" (4.24.2012)

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(verse 1-Dillon Chase)
How could chaos create order?/
Nothing make everything, don't it seem sorta/
Abusrd? Observe, the word don't distort the/
Truth, you see His fingerprints from Cali to Florida/
head over the Atlantic to Europe, Asia and Africa/
Creation screams we've been desigend by The Master bruh/
Now I ain't mad at ya, you call me ignorant/
Well ok then, go get some ingredients/
like some flour, sugar, eggs, milk, cake mix/
Put it in the kitchen and then wait for time to make it/
That's impossible, yeh that's my point exactly/
but I understand that you still be laughing at me/
Well let's go deeper to either side of the globe/
There is moral code that's written within our souls/
You say it's wrong when somebody steal or murder/
Well how you know that's wrong homie? how you feel the verdict?/

Ok, I'ma pass it on to my man Princeton and let him continue to break it down for you
but look, A lot of you say you just believe in what's natural and what's real
But the theory of evolution is not consistent with reality.
So we'll be the first to admit to you, we don't just believe in the natural
but the super-natural, the One who created our reality, Which not only is God
but is the Lord Jesus Christ who put His knowledge of right and wrong within each and every one of us.
Talk to em Princeton.

(verse 2)
Everyday I see His attributes in what He made/
so we are without excuse as we continue through our days/
guilty in our minds our own conscious makes it's own case/
see it in our daily lives as we define our bad ways/
or good ways you see thats a moral law bro/
which points to a moral law Giver who can save souls/
if you see a building then you know that there's a builder/
the design is too intricate I hope that you're familiar/
with my God cuz evolution doesn't explain our origin/
it don't explain the big bang that notion is foreign/
the questions gotta be asked, what caused it happen?/
cuz we know from every action there's an opposite reaction/
some of these rappers sayin' God don't exist but I beg to differ/
I got a Romans 1 that'll make you quiver/
that's that word and believe that my God said it/
Moral law Giver, but that's Who u tryna discredit/

No such being as God because of evil. But see if there's evil, there has to be good. Then there's a moral law to distinguish good or bad. Moral law Giver, but that's who you're trying to disprove. How do you arrive with reality of good and evil if there's no God? Dawkins says we have to go with "there's no evil" if that argument will stay

(verse 3)
Why are you here?, what is your purpose/
20 somethin years old and yet you still searching/
but why does it matter, if God ain't real?/
if He ain't real then there's no meaning we should all just chill/
and live randomly we shouldn't have any order/
why have boundaries, restrictions why have a border/
we want degrees and jobs to cultivate the premise/
but no physical quantity can explain it's own existence/
we have to go outside to One who isn't physical/
Someone Who is self existent Someone Who is spiritual/
He gave us all life, so we can see that He's the Apex/
Who satisfies our deepest desires He is the very Best/
and for you and me He crushed His own Son dude/
but in the process, He crushed sin too/
He wants to commune with us He knows us to the core/
but only through Christ is that relationship restored/

God is there and is absolute. We came later and are dependent on Him. I am that I am. Everything else is contingent. There's over 350 prophecies in the old testament tellin us that Jesus would be crucified. But there's something wrong with us we can see that Jesus describes our hearts all too well He says that the human condition is desperately wicked. And that's why He came, to die for our wickedness that we may gain righteousness, and know the God who made us. Turn to Christ

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