Disney Crossover: John & Ariel (feat Gaston) - The world begins again





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Published on Feb 15, 2010

Reupload because YT took the vid down :/
Pleeease YT be nice and leave it online this time!

But I also have some good news:
1st: Ive holidays and much time to edit more vids!
2nd: I reached 200 subscribers!!! And for that reason I wanted to ask you for ideas for a new, great and innovative crossover! So please tell me which pairing you would like to see, which music etc!!

And now to the storyline:

John rescues Thomas after he fell from their ship, while the mermaid Ariel tries to catch the figure of a ballerina. John hadnt really seen her, but he senses, that there has been someone whos watching them. Ariel gets caught by a strong wave and is washed ashore.
When the ship arrives the beach, John immediately explores the whole island and finds the stranded mermaid. Ariel is afraid and jumps back into the ocean but fell in love with John and asks the witch Ursula to replace her tail for two human legs. (But although it seems so, Ursula doesnt want Ariels voice in return...)
On the beach, she meets John again and he asks her to follow him to their camp.
In the next scene, we see John and Gaston discussing about, if mermaids do exist and while arguing, Ariel enters. Gaston seems dazed, because he already knows her...
FLASCHBACK: Gaston and Ariel are talking. (They have been friends for a long time. He also knows that shes a mermaid but didnt tell anybody.) He tells Ariel, that he has to leave and that he is in love with her, but cant imagine, how he as a human and Ariel a mermaid could ever live together. Extremely hurt, Ariel leaves and we see Gaston and John standing on the ship.
Back in the present, we see that Ariel and Gaston are alone and that he is very furious, because he thinks Ariel and John are in love. Ariel tries to calm him, when John enters the room. They both try to pretend, they are just making a small talk, but John seems to sense, that theres something up.
The next day, John sounds Ariel on Gaston, but instead of answering, she kisses him. Gaston watches them and becomes extremely mad! He shoots John and (against expectation) Ariel begins to laugh. Gastons explains John, that he belonged to a plan, he and Ariel made, so they can be together. And now, we get to know, what Ursula demanded in return for transforming Ariel into a human: a soul. And she gets Johns soul.

I don't know why, but I reaaaally like Gaston. I think he's a missunderstood character and he deserves a better image. ;)

Luv you all!!!

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