Global Agenda: Fighting Reaper as Meleecon





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Uploaded on Nov 7, 2010

Reaper is a boss that focuses attacking people that dodge a lot, which is what meleecons excel greatly in. So it pretty much promotes tanking. His primary attack you can tank easily, and use swords on, and you can use bionics if you need to escape.
However, His homing grenade attack makes it impossible for you to tank because of how much damage it does. You can run faster than the grenades, but if you run in circles around him too long, previous grenades that are floating around the room will decide to blow up on you if you don't know 100% what you are doing. So basicly you are forced to have your decoy tank. Luckily the reaper switches to decoys faster than any other boss for some reason (most bosses tend to ignore decoys unless all players are hiding/dead).

The best tank for this boss is a turret, since most assaults don't know how to stay at the edge of a station's healing radius in a way that it doesnt blow up the stations when he is attacked by an AOE attack.

Playing Meleecon in PvE right now is useless. It's effective in high sec, but even in high sec it's not as good as snipercon (but you can still out-damage some snipercons if they are bad). In max sec it's tough, and not useful, and it's impossible to melee in Umax.
The strength of meleecon, is that some bosses cannot deal damage if the boss focuses on the meleecon, and meleecons will have high protections and run faster because they don't require other skills, making dodging and survivng very easy. The cons of meleecon is that elites tend to switch targets, making helots your worst nightmare since you cannot dodge them, and they can kill you fast. And the obvious con of most of your damage comes from being next to the enemy. You can only attack the enemy and not get too damaged if you have a decoy to distract all the enemies.
Basicly meleecon is a good change if you want to be recon, but are tired of being snipercon, smgcon, or bombercon.

The Difficulty in bosses as meleecon from easiest to hardest goes like this:
Viking, think-tank, switchblade, vanguard, shrike, reaper
Reaper is impossible because of homing nades, otherise I'd rank shrike first because staying behind him is a pain.
http://serv.hexagenda.com/skills/reco... This is the build I use for meleecon spec. Melee stim isn't worth the extra skill points to use it, I'd rather greatly increase my survivability, so I can stay whacking the enemies more often, I get morale boost since people love seeing shatterbombs. The extra speed and jump height makes dodgeing very easy in the game, Widows cant even hit you. Sometimes a whole room of enemies can attack you, and never hit you if you know what you are doing.


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