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Published on Jun 28, 2012

How to Stop Worrying -- http://www.noahhammond.com Today, we're going to be talking about how to stop worrying and I am going to leave you a three-step process that teaches you how to stop worrying.

First though, let's talk about WHY it is SO important to stop worrying. There are two major reasons.

One, worrying is a waste of your energy. In everyday life, you have a certain number of things you can put your attention to. You have a certain amount of energy coming to you that you can then output to create your life. You only have a certain amount of creative energy.

The way you can think about worrying is as if ALL your creative energy is in this sink, worrying is a little hole that that energy twirls, flows, disappears and falls through. Then, your energy is GONE.

And, it creates nothing on the other side. It's only a sink hole of bottomless pit. It returns nothing. You throw your energy down the "worry hole" and it never comes back. It's an energy DRAIN.

That's number one.

The more worrying you are doing, the more energy you are throwing down this drain that returns absolutely NOTHING into your life.

Secondly, you get what you think about. You're what you think about. You're what you create. Your creation starts from within.

So the more you are worrying, the more you are putting your attention to possible NEGATIVE scenarios that are NOT real yet. They're not real yet. But, they could be if you put enough of your energy and attention to them, it most certainly will be.

You are doing two things when are worrying. You are throwing away your energy. It's going straight down the drain. You're also creating things that you don't want in your life.

So, stop worrying!

But, I understand that a LOT of us have a "worry program". And that's how you have to think about it -- a program that runs on your brain like a software on your computer. Now that you have this awareness, we can go in and play this program and tweak it so it serves you a little bit better.

Let's take an awareness. Let's take this process and apply it to our worrying.

Here is what I do if I find myself worrying. The first thing I do is I zoom out from the problem. I zoom out and I look at something much BIGGER than it.

So, I've got this little, tiny problem:

"Oh, my sales funnel is broken on a big launch and a thousand people are trying to get access to a new awesome thing and it's broken. I did not know anything about it. This person did not do his job. Is it going to work? Nope."

Zoom out.

I am going to come back to it and take the proper action later on. But, first I zoom out. Zoom WAY out and think about a billion people starving on our planet. Think about their problems. Think about their lives. Think about their existence. They are STARVING for food.

It puts in perspective what the heck you are worrying about. It also allows you to send love to that problem.

Step out of your petty small thing that you are worrying about for two seconds. It's important I promise you. I am not belittling your problem. Our problems are important too.

But to step away from it first for a second and see the BIG problems that are going on. Spend some time sending some love and caring to those BILLIONS starving people, or the dolphins stuck in the nets, or whatever turns you on and whatever you would love to see changed.

Send some love, appreciation, and a little bit of empathy. Send that love out.

Everything works in reciprocity. Everything is karma. There is an equal and opposite reaction for each action. So, you get to also receive some UNIVERSAL love on a big picture scale the same way you are sending it on a big picture scale.

It grounds you back into what's really important. It grounds you back into reality a little bit more, into what is really devastating, or what is really something to worry about.

Then, from this new place of:

"My problems are not such a big deal"

You can now come back to your reality and take the next step. From a level head, without wasting energy to worry, you can now take that energy and put it towards a sound, next decision.

Three-step process:
1. See the problem, see that you are worrying and zoom out.
2. Send love to that thing, receive love from that bigger thing and sit inside that.
3. Come back to whatever you are worrying about and take a level-headed, energy-efficient, and proper next step.

Even if that next step is acknowledging that you do not know the next step, it means:

"OK, I am going to search for somebody who is going to help me find the next step."

It all comes from a place of POWER because you are no longer in this energy-spurting, worrying, frantic state...

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Thanks and talk soon!

Noah Hammond



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