glee love story ep 4





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Uploaded on May 4, 2011

last time on GLEE:
rachel and sam broke up so finn asked if he could go to rachels house to practising singing whilst there he found the note that rachel gave him saying i love you so finn asked her back out
R;i dont know
f; please i love you and i always will
r; sorry but you will have to give me some time to think
f; fine but i want 1 last kiss just in case *kisses her*
r; *kisses him then pulls away* look you have to go
f; why i thought we were gunna practise
r; we can another day
f;okay see you in school
r; bye
Finn leaves
next day
With rachel
p; hey
r; oh hi
p; why dont you like me
r; i dont know
p; cant u just give me 1 more chance i beg you
r; no *walks off and bumps into* jessie
j; hi *hugs her*
j; why i love you
r; look im sorry but
j: let me guess your with finn
r; acctually no im single but he asked me to get with him and i said i will think about it
j; well why dont you get with mu
r; after everything you did why should i
j; because you still love me
r: and how would
j; *cuts her off and kisses her*
r; *cant help but kiss him back*
j; *pulls away* get lost
r; finn im sorry but you have quinn and i told you i would think about it
f; i thought you said you would always love me
r; i will but you broke my heart and i dont want you to break it again
j; soo bye *kisses rachel8
f; *runs up and hits him on the head*
They fight
ms (mr shue); break it up jessie what are you doin here
j; i love rachel and i cant take not being with her
r; yh but you said that llast time
j; i meant it then too
r; then why did u leave me
j; because i wanted to win and now that i have nothing is stopping me from being with you well apart from gigantor
f; hey
r; sorry finn
j; smiles
rachel and jessie walk off
Q; *slaps finn* how could you
f; im sorry
q; yh me 2
f; what why
q; i kissed sam and we are together now
f; then why did you slap me
q. i dont know * puts her hand out* friends
f; sure
at glee
j: hey every one im back and i dont care what you do or say to me as long as i have rachel
r; *blushes* i love you
j; i love you two
f; sorry sir i cant do this
r; finn sit down
f; no i quit glee as long your with him i cant take the pain
r; *tear rolls down her face* im sorry
f: no i am bye *leaves*
r; ill brb im just gunna talk to him
j; ok i trust you *kisses her*
r; thanks
With finn
r; wait
f; unless you say u love me im nt waiting
r; i do love you
f; then why wont you be with me
r; because i love jessie too
f; then cant we just try and be together
r; but i want to be with jessie an all
f; we dont have to tell jessie
r; you mean have an affair
f; sure why not
r; i dont know
f; oh come on you know you want to
r; ill try *kisses him*
f: *kisses back*
r: *smiles* i feel really bad
f; itsokay now come on we have glee
r; okaty act sad
f; i will
at glee
finchel walk in
j; what did you say to him to get him to come back
r; that we wouldnt be alll lovey in front off him
j; oh then this should kill him
r; what u ..
j; * cuts her off to kiss her*
r *pulls away* jesse
f; no it okay i can handle it
j; good
f; i will have her one day
j; keep dreaming
r; stop it
f; fine
j; *grins*
r: jessie you are such a geek
J; *Looks at finn while talking to rachel* but im your geek
what will he say tell me what you think comment

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