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Uploaded on Feb 28, 2012

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The only theory able to answer ALL of lifes greatest questions

Greetings spiritual beings. I bring a message of life changing purportions.
This message is not for the physically awakened, but for those spiritually awakened.
Most will view this as absurd, crazy and completely impossible. But for the rest of you....

we live in a human created physical simulation.
designed to keep us contained, in certain areas and
watch our every move. They tell us what to buy. whats cool and
whats not. What to wear and what to eat. This is not life, but
rather a simulation. designed by the egoic power hungry controllers,
looking down like scientists, looking at a rat, trying to find the cheese,
in the man made maze. it was born into this environment. It is its only reality. its man made
physical simulation. Just like the rat. cant see outside the maze. We
normally, cant see outside our simulation. However there are some,
who have glimpsed, and even been to the outside. even brought back
knowledge, and understanding greater then our own. i strongly believe,
that as individual people, begin to glimpse the whole, humanity will
awaken. we will transcend ego. and eventually. enter an era of peace.
We are not human beings, having a spiritual experience. We are
spiritual beings, having a human experience. We all transcend
the physical realm, and return to the source. Whether its unconscious
through death. Or consciously transcending the human body entirely, is up
to each individual. It is scientifically proven, that each thought puts out
a energy frequency. and that each thought received, receives that
frequency. Now this was demonstrated, using cat scans on an
un opened human mind. IMAGINE. if one freed their mind. Let go of
all negativity and doubt. And consciously, emitted a certain energy
frequency. it would be far stronger, and faster, then that, of an un opened
mind. Everything in existence, is made up of energy. What differenciates,
between a table, and a car, is simply the frequency, the energy is vibrating.
imagine. if a completely freed individual, focused his mind, on creating.
a strong specific frequency, and manifested it. one could literally,
spawn objects, out of thin air. one could manifest their own lifes
and reality. purely by thought. We are the creators. The fail safe? One cannot have their minds
truly opened, and still have negativity, or ego. Any one able to manifest energy
at this level, would be so pure and peaceful, so full of love and attention.
That not only would they be no threat to others, but would better
the planet and humanity. There are already people like this among us.
However they stay hidden. And for good reason. Most people arnt ready. The controllers
certainly dont understand it, and would assume its genetic. They would experiment and
test these individuals. I no this seems far out there. But the basics for this,
have been proven in tests. However only as stated, on an un opened human mind.
Free your minds. Free your potential. Free your self. and in doing so. break the bonds,
that tie you down to this small fraction of existence. Enjoy your human experience, as it
is very short lived. 80 years is nothing, when compared to the whole. This message will
be taken in many ways. It is how you comprehend this, that shows your current
level of awareness. I thank you for listening to this. and wish you all the best.

We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
We are anonymous.
Government. Expect us.


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