The Murder Mystery Game 12





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Published on Jun 13, 2012

See the correct answer: http://riddlenow.com/m12.htm

NOTE: Murder Mystery Game 12 has been deleted 3 months ago for audio problems.

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Music: Awkward Meeting by Kevin MacLeod(incompetech.com)

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Cat ❤
This would be impossible to guess without the hint ._.
Barrel Senpai
wtf I just went to the link and the answer was so random
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+Supratim Das All the answers are in the description ;3 The description of each video that is
+Supratim Das All the answers are in the description ;3 The description of each video that is
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M'Leasae Lefier
Who plays golf in the winter wtf
Karissa Friesen
That's what I kept thinking oml 😂
mohit nair
A riddle where the murderer doesn't get caught? These cops are getting dumber and dumber ever since the one with the Sunday School teacher. That one was the best.
Petrified Bubble
Boo to all the fakers who just copied the answers down claiming they solved it. .-.
Kevin Varughese
#1 The strangled woman was still in bed. If there had been a burglar, the alaram would've been tripped before he got anywhere near the woman. So, she wouldn't have been still in bed, asleep, just moments before being strangled. #2 As for how the alarm was tripped. There could've been endless ways of doing this. But the Clues in the end suggests that He had put all the trays and pans on a brick of ice before leaving the house. As time went by, the ice melted and the stack of pans and trayes got out of balance and fell down. Thus setting of the alarm when the guy is far away from the scene playing golf with his buddies.
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Kevin Varughese
Well, ofcourse. There's end less ways of doing what was asked for without the hint. I don't think it can be considered a puzzle without the hint.
You clearly used the hint
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Max Allen
The chances of you getting it right are becoming so slim
Tiger Queen
i've given up trying to solve them, they are becoming soooo douchey
Cho Chang
I love the murder mysteries cool riddle makes so much
אבהו דלשר
He devised something to fall, like something hanging from a string or something to do with ice melting. That would trigger the alarm.
my question is, how the fuck did he get into the house in the first place? wouldn't he have set the alarm breaking in? if they're enemies, why the fuck would she let him in (alarm off)? And it's a winter's day, and he broke the patio doors....so how the fuck would the ice melt if the house is freezing too? this one was a stupid one, too many loopholes. 
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fortunately i'm going to fucking live longer than you, because fucking cussing is a bril way to quickly lower fucking stress levels (very fucking little though). so not hip, but fucking health-reasons. fucking doctor fucking prescribed this fucker. :D
sweetie buttons
+HippieMosquitoSquat Do you have to use the word fuck every five words? The sentence would flow just as well if you didn't. It doesn't make you look hip and edgy.
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