How to Make Slender Not Scary





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Published on Aug 3, 2012

Also, he is literally an egg wearing a suit.

More videos!! -- https://www.youtube.com/dmjared



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I watched this a couple of years ago, not knowing this was Projared
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Lucas Cunningham
lmao he was singing the yoshi's island theme XD
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Aidan Lappin
How to make slender not scary:be over 5 years old
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Edward Crochiere
"look at those arms I bet he gives wonderful hugs"
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I watched this like 40 times, but i never noticed that projared made it....
I was surprised to find out ProJared made this.
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Austin Jones
I don't know why, but it upsets me that this is Jared's most viewed video.
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ben likes radiohead
i'm sorry for observing this but projared did not scary first sorry garrett williamson
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Everyone saying Five Night's is scarier; you know they both have basically the same atmosphere, right? Both are only leading up to jump scares. I love how when it comes to movies, people hate jump scares. Then games like Five Nights comes out and it is praised for how "scary" it is. If a game has to rely on you being scared of a jump scare, even if you are just scared that it might pop up (which is what Five Night's is based around), then the game DOES NOT succeed as a horror game.
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This video never gets old, love and memorized all the tricks he gave in this video. xD I miss the Slender days though, I love the FNaF story, but Slender was the first horror game I played and watched Let's Plays of so I have found memories, it's also what got me into Markiplier. Plus I remember reading about the Slenderman and watching videos late at night. I also like the Slender games more than the FNaF games but the FNaF story is where the real horror is. People forget how dark it actually is because most of the fans are kids and the games are just jumpscare feasts but it's actually pretty terrifying and horrible when you think about it. The animatronics are controlled by the spirits of children who were brutally murdered by a serial killer, with one of the kid's heads being crushed inside the mouth of an animatronic and the death of the player is being crushed inside of a suit made for a robotic endoskeleton. Which is what happened to Springtrap because he is the murder who got crushed inside one of the springlock suits, it malfunctioned and switched from suit mode to animatronic mode while he was still inside, and yet he is still able to walk around 30 years later. Imagine THAT chasing you in the woods. O_o The storylines for the official & fan made Slender games are dark too but they're lighthearted compared to FNaF. Whether or not FNaF is the scariest story for a horror game is personal preference, but it is definitely more scary than Slender. The gameplay however I feel is about the same except in Slender the jumpscares can make you mess up while in FNaF the jumpscares tend to mean you lost.
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