Floor Debate on Obamacare Repeal Act





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Published on Jul 11, 2012

Chairman Smith urged his colleagues to repeal Obamacare and replace it with reforms that have proved effective at reducing healthcare costs during floor debate in the House Tuesday night.

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  1. 1

    E-Verify: An Easy Way for Employers to Ensure Hires are Legal

  2. 2

    Chairman Smith Speaks in Favor of FY15 NASA Authorization Bill

  3. 3

    Rep. Smith questions witnesses at a Judiciary hearing on E-verify

  4. 4

    Rep. Smith speaks about his E-verify bill to help protect American and legal workers

  5. 5

    Smith Questions Sheriff at Judiciary Hearing on Immigration Enforcement

  6. 6

    Congressman Smith responds to the President's State of the Union Address

  7. 7

    Smith Hearing Shows Taxpayer Dollars Spent on Liquor, Lobbying and Parties

  8. 8

    Rep. Smith questions Homeland Security Secretary Johnson on border security

  9. 9

    Smith Discusses President's Executive Amnesty

  10. 10

    Smith: No precedent for President Obama’s Executive Amnesty

  11. 11

    Smith: Americans and National Media Oppose Immigration Executive Orders

  12. 12

    Fox News' Outnumbered on what the Admin knew before HealthCare.gov's botched rollout

  13. 13

    Rep. Smith: Pres. Obama’s threats against Congress are really threats against the American people.

  14. 14

    Is your ObamaCare information safe? Rep. Lamar Smith on Fox News' Special Report

  15. 15

    Rep. Lamar Smith on Fox News' Special Report discussing criminal illegal immigrants

  16. 16

    Congressman Smith on Your World with Neil Cavuto about the border crisis - July 9, 2014

  17. 17

    House Judiciary Report Finds Administration's Lax Immigration Policies Are Deadly

  18. 18

    Floor Remarks During Debate on Regulatory Reform Legislation

  19. Floor Debate on Obamacare Repeal Act

  20. 20

    Rep. Lamar Smith on Supreme Court HC Decision

  21. 21

    Media Bias Against Faith Reporting

  22. 22

    Media Spins Monthly Jobs Report

  23. 23

    National Media is not Mainstream

  24. 24

    Smith: More Viewers Note Media Bias

  25. 25

    Chairman Smith Discusses Visa Fraud with Judge Pirro

  26. 26

    Congressman Smith: Media Bias is real and unfortunate

  27. 27

    Congressman Smith: Americans distrust the national media

  28. 28

    Congressman Smith on the Super Committee

  29. 29

    Chairman Smith Questions DHS Secretary Napolitano at Oversight Hearing

  30. 30

    Smith: Americans Say Media Are Biased and Too Liberal

  31. 31

    WOAI: Smith Legislation to Combat Child Pornography

  32. 32

    KABB: Congressman Lamar Smith and NASA Astronaut Visit Local School

  33. 33

    Congressman Smith on Jobs

  34. 34

    954 0161

  35. 35

    Congressman Smith on the Budget Control Act

  36. 36

    Congressman Smith on the Debt Ceiling Discussions

  37. 37

    Chairman Lamar Smith Opening Statement PATRIOT Act Markup

  38. 38

    Chairman Smith with Lou Dobbs, talks Adminstration's record on immigration

  39. 39

    Chairman Smith interviews Lyle Lovett

  40. 40

    Chairman Smith discusses Administration's Immigration and Border Security Record

  41. 41

    Chairman Smith Opening Statement: House Judiciary Oversight

  42. 42

    (KSAT) Lamar Smith: House Republican Budget is good for economy

  43. 43

    Chairman Smith Opening Statement on Patent Reform

  44. 44

    Congressman Smith questions NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

  45. 45

    Congressman Smith holds Job Creators Roundtable

  46. 46

    Chairman Smith: Medical Malpractice reform will bring down health care costs

  47. 47

    KABB: Chairman Smith visits Hallmark College

  48. 48

    FOX: Chairman Smith comments on recent immigration report

  49. 49

    Chairman Lamar Smith on why we should repeal Obamacare

  50. 50

    Chairman Smith Reads the Constitution on the House Floor

  51. 51

    Chairman-elect Smith talks immigration with Greta "On the Record"

  52. 52

    Congressman Smith: Media Coverage of DREAM Act shows bias

  53. 53

    Smith: The DREAM Act is a nightmare for Americans

  54. 54

    Smith Honors Rotary International

  55. 55

    Media Fairness Caucus: Guest Jonah Goldberg

  56. 56

    Smith on the Tax and Spend Democrats

  57. 57

    Smith: Immigration Tide Has Turned Against Obama

  58. 58

    A Message about taxes

  59. 59

    Rep. Smith confronts Administration on lax enforcement of drug laws

  60. 60

    Smith: It's Time to End the One Party Monopoly in Washington

  61. 61

    Media Fairness Caucus: Americans Don't Believe the Media's Reporting

  62. 62

    KABB-FOX: San Antonio residents gather to remember 9/11

  63. 63

    KSAT: San Antonio Police receive grant to upgrade technology

  64. 64

    Smith: Time to Reclaim our Country

  65. 65

    Smith: Media Should Give Facts on Immigration Law

  66. 66

    Smith: Obama Administration Sets Wrong Records

  67. 67

    Smith: National Media Ignore Facts about USDA Firing

  68. 68

    Looking Behind the Curtain of the National Media

  69. 69

    Smith: Sanctuary Policies Endanger American Lives

  70. 70

    KABB (FOX): Congressman Smith on how border security is homeland security

  71. 71

    Smith: Obama Fails to Protect American Jobs

  72. 72

    Smith: Republicans Better at Border Security

  73. 73

    Adminstration has shown no serious intent to secure the border

  74. 74

    Media Fairness Caucus: "In the Green Room" with Dana Perino

  75. 75

    Media Fairness Caucus: CBS Downplays Results of own Poll

  76. 76

    Smith: National Media Show Double Standard on Budget

  77. 77

    Smith: Where is the Budget?

  78. 78

    Media Fairness Caucus: Administration AWOL on Oil Spill

  79. 79

    ABC Austin: Comal County residents look to the future

  80. 80

    KSAT: New Braunfels Flooding

  81. 81

    Smith: Speaking Out for America's Future

  82. 82

    Smith: Where Have All the Investigative Reporters Gone?

  83. 83

    Congressman Smith: With the Democrats in control ...

  84. 84

    Smith: Administration Gives False Impression

  85. 85

    Cong. Smith questions BP on Gulf Spill

  86. 86

    Media Fairness Caucus: National Media Ignore President's Lowest-Ever Approval Rating

  87. 87

    Media Fairness Caucus: Is Newsweek the Canary in the Liberal Coal Mine?

  88. 88

    Media Fairness: National Media Ignore News Stories They Dont Like

  89. 89

    Mexico should not interfere with US policy

  90. 90

    Media Fairness: Networks Show Double Standard on Supreme Court Nominee

  91. 91

    Rep. Lamar Smith questions former 9/11 Comission members

  92. 92

    KSAT-ABC: Smith Introduces Bill to Curb Government Spending

  93. 93

    Smith introduces bill to curb government spending

  94. 94

    Attorney General Eric Holder won't say "radical Islam"

  95. 95

    Smith: The American people want immigration laws enforced

  96. 96

    Rep. Smith to Holder: The Administration's policies make America less safe

  97. 97

    Media Fairness Caucus: Networks Show Bias on Arizona Immigration Law

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