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Published on Aug 22, 2012

FSG Presents: The Force Feed

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38 Studios MMO

Kinect Price Drop

Funcom Layoffs

The LoL Problem

Force Strategy Gaming:

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CenarX XD
How to fix LoL comunity: 1. IQ test when you want to create an account. 2. Ban all pl , greek and french accounts. 3. " mid or feed, omg noob , report , i go troll" = instant permanently ban. 4. Feed Buster (0/5 = instant permanently ban). 5. Noob Buster ( 3 BTs on Nida = instant permanently ban). 6. "GG easy"= FBI come from ambush and torture your family to death and force you to watch. Also , instant permanently ban. 7.When you play your first game of LoL , if you have 5 farm on min 50 an 2 shivs on Galio , the game auto uninstall and they ban your IP. 8. Remake broken champions ( Lee , Jax , Irelia , Nasus , Nida , Heimer , Xerath , Yasuo , Yorick , AD Sion) instead of destroyng good champs ( Kha , Kassa). 9. Fix the bugs ( if the enemy comes tower dive , the minions ar farming and the tourret hits the other minions). 10. Build more fucking signal bases. 11. Create a damn smarter and Leave Buster , maybe put someone watching it instead eating KFC all day. 12. Create a new report choice: "Report Riot Games". What do you guys think?
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Hitler told me that Bush knocked down the towers
lol Riot's been greedy. I remember they used to want to keep their players. Now when you leave they don't send you emails about your account. 
MC azimi
LOL I thought this was supposed to be a somewhat serious list until #6 
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Quentin Mollard
I actually think IQ test should be required before playing a video game, to match you with people of the same IQ level as you. Counts for COD as well.
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+Quentin Mollard It wont work, the guy would ask for someone more intelligent to do the test, so it would be useless
MC azimi
+Metalbear I learned more from runescape then I did Kindergarten to 6th grade... l0l.....
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Shaggy Rogers
Agree, those idiot believe LoL is amazing game and believe that LoL characters are stronger Naruto and DBZ characters.
Harry Dick Johnson
It's not the community, the game just sucks. It's the call of duty of MOBA's
here is something that goes on in league of legends....you start to play and if you are good because you know how to play 4 button games ...you get reported !! why ? well there is no explanation to be honest...i gess League of Legends comunity is very young so regardless of how you play ...for example you play horible and you get reported or you play fantastic and enemy teams reports you for owning them....to all so called "good" players in League og Legends i sugest you test Bloodline champions....it is number one PvP game in the world and comunity is like another universe compared to League of legends....mechanics of the game are harder..there is no minion farming,no lucky crits or some advantage because you colected more gold...it is pure hard core PvP designed for hard core PvP players....everything is skill shoot even healing...yes EVEN healing ...if you think you are good enough ofcourse you might even find that one game you were looking for in all those so called PvP games ...
The design of league of legends turns it's players toxic, riot should change their game instead of banning players when the problem is NOT in them at all.
Sinons butt
People who report u for talking shit in a video game -_-
Innc Renat
well this game is great but when u play ranked and ppl flames and blame other for their deaths they shud just have more strict rules.
Broseph Stalin
It is not a MOBA. No such thing. It is an ARTS.
Don Juan
So this guy just said that you shouldn't ban players because they freak out or troll.... Is he really saying its okay to just do whatever you want and have a shitty toxic community like Lol has.
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