Miss Invisible {A Nemi Story} chapter 3 part 1





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Published on Aug 5, 2008

songs used:
miss invisible by marie digby
got me going crazy by the jonas brothers(I'm addicted to it, it's my new JB fave from the new album)

Demi: oh, I'm so sorry! (Gets back up)

???: it's okay. It happens all the time. By the way, I'm Nick

Demi: and I'm Demi

Nick: that's a beautiful name......Demi

Demi: (blushes) thanks. Well, I gotta go. Miley wants to see me

Nick: same here! Do you want to go with me?

Demi: ummmmmmmmmm....

Nick: it's ok if you don't. I understand (starts to walk away)

Demi: sure!

Nick: (walks back to Demi) well then, (puts his arm out) will you go with me?

Demi: (puts her arm around his) I'd love to

**at table 2**

Miley: oh hi Demi. It looks like you met my boyfriend Nick

Demi: (looks at Nick) boyfriend? You're dating HER?

Miley: is there a problem with that?

Demi: no! No! You guys make a CUTE couple! A very (nudges Nick) CUTE couple

Nick: (mouths) OW!

Miley: (grabs Nick's hand) come on Nicky!! (pulls him down next to her)

(Demi's p.o.v.)

(The whole time during lunch, it was "Nicky this" and "Nicky that". I've never seen someone this clingy before in my life and I couldn't believe Nick could take it! He just sat there playing along with her, but it was probably just an act. Even though I've only known him for a few minutes, it's like he was my best friend for life. He's a great guy inside. Who else would walk a girl he just met minutes before?)

Demi: (points to Miley's steak) Miley, are you going to eat that?

Miley: I don't eat meat, too fattening.

Demi: if you say so......

Nick: I'll take that then (takes the steak off Miley's plate)

AJ: that's like your 2nd steak this week. Aren't you worried about like all that red meat?

Nick: (looks up at AJ) no, not at all

(Demi's p.o.v.)

(I thought I would just be dealing with they typical popular girl clique, but it looks like I'm dealing with the popular girl clique that's over-food conscious. At least Nick's not one of them, and I don't even get why Miley even likes him. How can she even deal with him when she hates half the things he likes? I don't know about you, but this is defiantly the weirdest couple I've seen.)

Miley: (gets up out of her seat) well, we better get going. Class starts in a few minutes. Come on Aly, come on AJ

Aly and AJ: COMING!!! (Follows behind Miley and leaves)

Nick: so what class do you have next?

Demi: (pulls her schedule out of her pocket) music history with Ms. Briggs

Nick: same here!

Demi: it's like we have the exact same schedules!

Nick: (takes out his schedule and looks at it and looks at Demi's) everything's the same except that I have percussion 4th period and you have songwriting

Demi: you play the drums?

Nick: yeah, and the guitar, piano, you name it

Demi: wow, you're a multi-talented guy

Nick: (stretches his arms) yeah, you can say that


Demi: (grabs Nick's hand) come on!


part 2 will be up next week probabaly or later this week. I'm like super duper busy next week and there might not be any new chapters, just warning you. my mom is having surgery that week and I have to help with a lot of things since she won't be able to use her right arm for awhile and it's her dominate side. I'M LIKE FREAKIN' ADDICTED TO GOT ME GOING CRAZY! I know it has nothing to do with this chapter, but oh well. I couldn't find one that went with it well that I haven't used a million times.


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