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Published on Jul 25, 2012

The brand new single 'Tell Her' is now available to buy from iTunes: http://po.st/TellHerYT

'Roaring 20s' is available now on
iTunes: http://po.st/RKroaring20sDYT
Amazon: http://po.st/roaring20samazondeluxe
Webstore: http://store.rizzlekicks.com/

'Dreamers' From The Album 'Stereo Typical' http://bit.ly/iRizzle
Rizzle Kicks merch store: www.rizzlekicks.com/store
Video Directed By Toby Lockerbie & Jordan Stephens
Shot at Ibiza Rocks House/Pikes
Murals By Rory Dobner Ltd


RK, RK what

Yeah, we're the believers, do you believe us?

I can find that place in my dreams,
said I can find that place in my dreams...

Yeah, it's that kid with the British accent,
still kicking' it bringing those wicked raps when,
other rappers lack sense, innovation absent,
take that into account like you're bank said.
Yeah, let me set the rhythm,
when these decks are spinning we be best in Britain,
when I say best, I mean best at livin',
it's the best decision to see lesser limits..
(We aim higher)
higher than Mariah in a choir,
or the guy who chills with Bubbles in The Wire.
Desire, to leave behind the reason why,
little has, redefined our recent times.
I paint what I wanna be like a portrait,
you let other people paint you.. (poor trait)
All day I'd have more faith in what y'all say,
but your forte aint to talk straight and I know

I can find that place in my dreams,
said I can find that place in my dreams

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yo!

I don't care what you choose as fact,
I'm gonna take myself to the moon and back,
In my dreams (MY DREAMS) (x4)
Straight up we do this and
I'm a spaceman yeah with a suit to match,
in my dreams (MY DREAMS) (x4)

Yeah I'm a grafter, check out all the grit on my Nikes,
delivering these lyrics like I'm big in the 90s.
I love rhythm and I sit on it nicely,
your chick's lip syncing cause she rinses it nightly.
Yeah, It's far from a mission to find me,
kicking it in Camden, or spitting with Hinesy,
and if you're like "I just listen to hype beats"
well I'll leave you swimmin' with the fishes ya Pisces.
I'm getting ready for stressed days,
how I rap now aint the best way,
to earn money an ting,
it seems like rapping like you're dumb as (woo) is how you get paid.
Well I'm not on that I'm different,
I love rap and living, wrong that you're kidding,
all facts considered, you make me believe
that you're make believe, suttin like Batman figures, yeah!


I can find that place,
up in my dreams tonight
where you and I,
don't have to fight
over what is right or wrong,
it's not you who decides,
oh this is my life, oh oh

I said, think of all the stupid things that you've ever said to me,
put it in perspective and then tell me that you don't agree.
I'm not telling you to think what I think but,
your point of view just really aint my cup of tea.
I wish everyone could all live in harmony,
when people made decisions it was always made impartially,
I find it hard to speak suppose I'm always half asleep,
doesn't change the fact that I have never made a harmful speech..

Yeah I'm feeling spaced out
Feeling spaced out

A place for the believers, that don't be you then leave us
we need some dreamers to feature

I'm feeling spaced out nowwww
Spaced out, yeah, I'm feeling spaced out.

Yeah now I wanna stomp on the moon... STOMP ON IT
stomp on the moon.. STOMP ON IT STOMP ON IT (x4)


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