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Published on Apr 14, 2009

continued ;
Demi's POV:
I couldn't take the suspense anymore. He was pausing too long. What did Joe need to tell me? Couldnt he just spit it out so i asked him.
"J-J-Jo-Jo-Joe?" i asked.
i couldnt even get it out, my voice and whole body was shaking uncontrolably i couldnt take the suspense.
Joe: Demi ....
Demi: J-Joe, w--wh-what is it?
Joe: Selena, she's gettin too smart.
Demi: what are you talking about?
I was so confused, i thought he was breaking up with me. He sounded so sorry, so apologetic.
Joe: Selena asked me today, If i liked you.
Demi: and?
Joe: oh course, to hide things i said no.
Demi: *lets out a breath* okay. anything else?
Joe: No, but i think she's catching on.
Demi: Joe, you cant have her catch on.
This isnt good, not good at all. NO NO NO ! Breathe Damnit Demi breathe.
Demi: Look I have to go. I'll text you or something later. Bye *hangs up*
I hung up as fast as i could, i just couldnt hear his voice anylonger.

Joe's POV:
I said I love you, but Demi already had hung up. I didn't know why she hung up so quickly, but I was upset that she did. She didn't even say i love you. Is she mad at me? Does she not love me? I really dont know & it's too much to worry about. To clear my mind. I sat down and wrote a song.

Demi's POV:
As soon as I got off the phone I got up to try and walk to Miley's house. But i found myself crying hysterically agaisnt my bedroom door only seconds later. I couldn't bare to walk, and the thing is I wasn't sure why I was crying. I think it was because of what Selena had said, I'm not sure though. God Damnit, Demi. Pull it together. What is wrong with me? I cound't just sit here and try. But what could I do? I was trembling, how could i walk when i couldnt. So I crawled over to my nightstand. That's where I last left my phone. I picked it up and called Miley.

Miley's POV:
I was in the middle of the funniest instant message conversation with Taylor when my phone starting playing "Let's Get Crazy." It was Demi's ringtone. I told Taylor I had to go and ran over to answer my phone.
Miley: (all takes place on the phone) Demmizzlee baby, whats crackin?
Demi: *just crying hysterically on the phone*

Demi's POV:
i was crying so hard, for almost no reason at all. I couldnt stop, so I just cried into the phone. I cried, and cried and cried.
Miley: Dem, whats wrong?
Demi: J-J-Joe, S-S-Sel-Selen-Selena, M-M-M-Me
Miley: Demi, sweetie stop crying.
I couldn't i wasnt able to stop crying to i just kept crying into the phone.
Miley: Look, Dem, try to stop I'll be over in a minute
kinda a cliff, not really though.
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- ix3nickjonas9


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