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Relaxing river in the forest sound, for sleep, study, work and meditation




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Published on Sep 13, 2019

Relaxing sound of a river in the forest on a wet and gray day. Calming nature sound to keep on in the background while working, studying, meditating, or as a sleep sound in the nights. Listening to river sounds are a great way to calm down your body and mind after a stressful day at school or the office

Do you have exams coming up? Maybe a stressful interview, or a match that’ll decide your future? It’s incredibly stressful, and at this time what you need more than anything else is to clear your mind and relax. If your mind’s full of thoughts about failing, about disappointing your parents, about the chemical formula of ethane and acetic acid, you won’t be able to concentrate on the exam. You’ll misread your opponent’s moves. You’ll have a weak handshake and weaker answers. You need to relax. It’s easier said than done..

That’s why we’ve recorded some incredibly relaxing nature sounds from the wild lands of Norway. Close your eyes and listen to these for fifteen minutes and you’ll feel the stress draining out of your body. We promise! You must’ve heard about nature sounds. They’re pretty popular among office workers and students. They’re great for relaxing and focusing, and they help improve your mood. So if you just can’t remember those equations and formulas, or if you keep worrying you didn’t train enough, river sounds help

River sounds are nice when you’re trying to relax because they’re very constant. We record a short audio and loop it seamless, so there’s very little risk of birdcalls and other sounds interrupting. Birdcalls are pleasant, but when you’re listening to nature sounds for studying, you want to avoid all possible distractions and sudden noises that can draw your attention towards them. We recommend that you play our relaxing nature sound clips on your phone or laptop, and use earphones for the best possible effect

This is so you can block out external noises and relax better. Of course, if you’re in a quiet place, speakers are a great option as well. Just make sure their audio quality is good. So play the sound clip, turn the volume up to a comfortable level, and lie back and find some time to relax for a moment. Concentrate on the sound and let it paint a mental picture in your head. Imagine the river, the sounds coming from it, the scenery around it, the wildlife around you…birds, mice, insects, bunnies… Let your imagination go wild

Note: If you want this even longer just right click on the player and choose the Loop option to keep it going on forever. Remember to subscribe to my channel for weekly relaxing nature videos in 4K UHD quality

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