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Published on May 7, 2007

This is a clip from a documentary on the very first World Martial Arts Tournament. It followed people from all over the world, placing special focus on the "Black Knights" from New York.

I am uploading this clip to provide evidence that sword catching is possible, which was supposedly busted on MythBusters.

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This is not a martial arts demonstration, it's a circus act. These things give impressionable or inexperienced people very wrong ideas of how you should defend against a weapon. I wonder how many people believed this nonsense and got themselves seriously injured.  To explain my point: at 0:14, the only reason why the karateka can defend succesfully, is because the swordsman attacks like an amateur. Instead of using the reach of his weapon, he makes a big step forward, getting within the karateka's reach, while the karateka barely had to move. Even worse, after the defence, the karateka made no effort to subdue/disarm the attacker or get himself out of the dangerous situation, he just sat there, waiting to be attacked again. The same goes for 0:17 and 0:22, bad use of reach by the swordsman is the only reason why the karateka's techniques work. At 0:41, the blade would slice through the palms of his hands, like a knife through butter, and probably land firmly between his eyes. If I recall correctly, Mythbusters actually tested this kind of a defence and found that it would result in a one way trip to hospital for the defender.
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few people can actually do this; it's close to impossible... but close to impossible doesn't mean it's impossible
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black rattlesnake
ichigo kurosaki do this with one hand...
The trick is, as others have mentioned the sword was stopped and the man clapped his hands onto the blade. The rough handle of the blade would not give from the person's hand pulling on it. The swordsman's strong grip could just twist an iota and the hands would be cut. This is a staged routine that I saw many perform back in the 70's,
However, the particular mythbusters episode about ninjas was very very weak. Just because their water shoes sucked, they assumed nobody could make more well deisgned ones? Just because james couldnt catch a full speed arrow first try from VERY CLOSE RANGE means a ninja who trained for years cant catch one from further? Same with the sword thing, very, very weak episode. 
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Lars Alexandersson
the dude with the sword is probably saying "BAKANA"
brian finch
shaolin can do this with 2 fingers
This is science fiction, dudes. You can never catch a sabre once is going down full speed and strength. And you never step forward. You dodge, step backwards or run. You can't also disarm an opponent grabbing the blade. That is fantasy. If you can grab the arm or the hand, fine, you have a chance. But the blade? You can't do that: you will be stabbed or cut in the struggle. Because you can't disarm an opponent that wants to kill you by grabbing the blade and kicking him on the chest or belly.
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Martial Artist
Give me a sword that cant harm him (Like a wodden bokken covered in rubber and then he can try that on me. I give him 1000 dollars if he succeed which he will with 99% not.
Top Lobster
this is amazing... that they believed it, i mean. the guy stops the cut. also, it's not a real sword, which amazes me even more is that it looks very similar to the highlander katana. but judging from the shape and coloring of the handle, i'm very sure it's not a traditional tsuka of any kind. there's a lot of variations, but this isn't one of them. the trick with the first attack is that the swordsman is way too close. even drawing the sword, he's too close. and as he's about to cut at 0:14 he's so close he's more likely to hit the karate guy with the handle rather than cutting him. if he used proper maai the karate guy wouldn't be able to hit him. 
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