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Published on Jan 28, 2017

Theme: Human Redemption Principles

Location & Time: Noosaville, Queensland, Australia on 26th November 2016 at 11:00am.

Description: Jesus briefly summarizes God's Principles of Human Redemption that govern the operation of God's Laws, gives examples of the way these principles are built into God's Laws, and answers audience questions about the principles.

Topics Include: Terms used within the definition of Human Redemption Principles including sin, human redemption and divine redemption; an overview and summary of Human Redemption Principles; examples of Human Redemption Principles including whether redemption is an automatic process, the part self-responsibility plays in redemption, choosing redemption on earth, and recalling truth when in the spirit world; how humans live in disharmony with Human Redemption Principles; and audience questions about Human Redemption Principles.

Length: 1h 13m 22s.

00:00:39 Comments about audience emotions last night
00:01:13 Introduction
00:01:48 Human Redemption Principles
00:01:48 Terms: Terms used for Human Redemption principles
00:01:53 Sin
00:02:27 Human redemption
00:10:40 Divine redemption
00:14:32 Mary: Spirit Jacob 2nd Sphere: Can I have the desire to engage Human Redemption, rather than pain acting upon my will?
00:17:15 Rebecca Johnstone: If I desire to release my pain/sin for the sake of others, rather than for the sake to avoid my own pain?
00:22:28 Summary
00:26:48 Karen Pronk: Would you like to use an example of Marie in the "Harvest of Jealousy" as an example of Human Redemption Principle?
00:28:51 Karen Pronk: Is Human Redemption (redemption based on our will) an automatic process?
00:30:27 Peter Lytton-Hitchins: Does self responsibility play the major part in redemption process?
00:33:43 Bruce Carrigan: Is it faster, quicker, easier, to choose redemption now while on earth?
00:34:31 Bruce Carrigan: Will we recall what we learnt about Divine Truth while on earth when we pass into the sprit world?
00:39:50 Conclusion
00:47:30 Human Redemption Principles Q&A
00:47:30 Introduction
00:47:35 Questions:
00:47:41 David Raizman: Is the hardest part to start the redemption process?
00:49:44 David Raizman: After engaging Divine Redemption & Transformation, will it build faith and get easier, even if the emotions are tougher?
00:52:20 Phoebe Bruce: Is awakening to sin the first step in the redemption process?
00:57:11 Phoebe Bruce: Is realising you can't fully correct sin the first step in Divine Redemption?
00:58:51 Karen Pronk: How does the Human Redemption Principle add to what the Law of Compensation is doing? Are they not the same thing?
01:00:00 Nicky Primetica: Would it be impossible in terms of average life expectancy on earth for someone to complete the Human Redemption process due to it acting on the will of an individual in comparison to the Divine Redemption process?
01:01:09 Nicky Primetica: If we engaged in the Law of Forgiveness in childhood or as soon as somebody else damaged us, does that mean we would not ever require going through the repentance process?
01:03:01 Nicky Primetica: Hypothetically speaking, how long do you feel it would take if somebody just shut themselves away and focused solely on the process of Divine Redemption and direct engagement with God before they became at one with God?
01:04:10 Rebecca Johnstone: What do you mean by "God does not need a sacrifice in order to forgive sin but rather God prefers obedience"?
01:09:10 Nicolas Schemid: If we have a pre-destiny to become angels, how many souls already managed to achieve this? What happens to souls never achieving or taking billions of years? Does this happen too?
01:12:34 Conclusion
01:12:50 Next Presentation

Series: Education In Love
Group: Understanding God's Loving Laws
Session: Soul Specific Principles
Presentation: 20161126-1100-AGP-JESUS Human Redemption Principles

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