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Published on Aug 12, 2011

Friends, at 4:25PM on May 12, 2010, I was blessed with a visitation of Jesus Christ in my home that changed my life forever. I was shown a Clock with 3 rings, each ring also a Clock, that I describe in my book, "The Clock of the Four Night Watches."

The Clock is not a stopwatch, but a guide to the unfolding of events in the book of Revelation, and an end time message that we are closer to the return of Jesus Christ than most believe.

For an important message at my Website, please visit http://www.the-measure-of-days.com and click the "Prophecy Alerts" link from the side-bar, then choose the link for my Prophecy Notes Page where I have an important update for my readers. Also see my Q&A, where I discuss many other details of this end time message.

Some of the things I share in my videos may be new to you, so I ask that you read my book, The Clock of the Four Night Watches, which is available for free at the website. No book on Bible prophecy today (that I am aware of) quotes the Bible more heavily and covers all that Jesus said on the topic of the Rapture.


Note that we reached "Midnight" on May 21, 2012, but "midnight" does not refer to a 24-hour period of time. It refers to the end of the First Watch, NOT TO THE DATE OF THE RAPTURE... Note that the Clock does not give (and has never given) a date for the Rapture. The Clock will also never be changed.

Over the past 7 years (since 2010), my understanding of the Clock Prophecy has grown, which is why I provide updates to my readers at my website.

Modern prophecy teachers forget that God measures time from the point at which He decrees a future event, not from its point of fulfillment, therefore our final countdown began even before Israel's rebirth in 1948!

See the Introduction of my book for how the rebirth of Israel began on May 11, 1942, during a speech by Israel's first Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion, before a large gathering of Zionists in New York, where he proclaimed, "It is Time to Open the Gates of Palestine!"

I knew nothing of this date in modern Jewish history before a divine visitation of Jesus Christ in my home in the Spring of 2010 when He told me about it!

We are now SIX years further into the Final Generation than the modern church believes, and while the final date of this generation may be as early as March 17, 2021, I do not know the day or hour that Jesus will return.

Please share this end time message with your friends and family. Nothing at my website is for sale and I don't accept donations. I have no affiliation of any kind. If you share this material, please include a link back to my website.

Many people you know can benefit by having my book in their possession during the Great Tribulation, when the Bible may be hard or even impossible to come by. It is my prayer you will share this end time message with them while you still can.

God bless,
Peter John Brandal

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