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Published on Jan 2, 2008

Video is pretty old and has some rough edges. It's also in low quality because it was made a really long time ago, so I apologize for that too. I just want to state that I am aware that some of the choices in this video are very left field and that there is a noticeable absence for certain characters from certain games. The purpose of the video is to create discussion and to give some love to my favourite characters.

The choices are taken from all the numbered games with the exception of XIII which was released afterwards (none would have made it though).

Honourable mentions to Sephiroth, Vivi, Terra, Wakka, Locke, Amarant, Ashe, Cid Highwind and Cecil.

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Del Aran
This list needs to be renamed " MY top Favorate FF7 and onward Characters" I agree some of the choices where good like Beatrix, but no Cecil? or Tellah? two characters who have possibly the most heart breaking storys in the history of FF to this date. Or golbez for that matter whos motivation is his hatred for himself for his inability to use white magic to save his dying mother.
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Rick Bambus
Cloud deserves place 1. 
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Man Chair
What was that song that played when Balthier was introduced?
Askin Nakklevaar
Proud to see gabranth, he s a strong point in xii, and also i never undersrtood why x and vii got hyped around the world for having best characters, best plot, best ost, etc, i do not agree with that
Steven U
This list is clearly a favorites which I have no problem with, Gabranth is one of my favorite characters I'm glad he got a shout out here. Here's my top 10, mostly characters I like to use in some of my favorite FF's and Gabranth being the only non-playable character. 10 Vanille 9. Balthier 8 Sabin 7. Cecil 6 Lightning 5 Rydia 4. Ramza Beoulve 3. Cloud 2. Gabranth 1. Kain Highwind
Near River
where is Kefka ?   T_T 
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I'm glad Gabranth was number 1. He's not necessarily my favourite in the series but he is pretty close and a very underrated character in general. I disagree with most if the rest if the list though. Cecil and Auron should be here. I don't know how Aeris made it.
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This list is pure shit!
Phúc Lê
plz, FF 8 music download ...........................
Anima Tweek
it looks like you liked yuna more then just No. 8...
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