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Published on Mar 11, 2012

Hey ME3 fans, spare your keyboard or controller from being thrown against the wall! There is hope for both the series and our sanity.
Note: If anyone would like to post a link to my video on Bioware forums or such (please do NOT re-upload it to YouTube), be my guest! The more people we get the truth out to, the less disgruntled and complaining (I don't blame them) fans we have to face.
Here's my script so you can follow along, thanks for watching! :D
As request of xGhost4000x, here's a link to the Bioware forum where a discussion topic about this theory has been posted!

Casey Hudson Statement when asked about reaction from fan base over endings:
Oh, we pay very close attention to [fan feedback]. It's very important to us and we will always listen to feedback, interpret it and try and do the right thing by our fans. That's why if you look at Mass Effect 2 we knew that people wanted to spend more time with a character like Liara, and so we created an ongoing storyline with her as part of the comics and then built it into the DLC stuff, and we're always listening to fans. We have some really great multiplayer content and some really great single-player content coming over the air, and their feedback will become part of how we design that.

Hey everyone, I'll get straight to the point. The endings of ME3 sucked... they sucked if they were the 'real' endings. Let me explain. After you are knocked unconscious in London, everything that follows is some sort of 'dream.' Shepard dreams about how he would destroy the reapers, and bring peace to the galaxy. If you have enough War Assets and choose to destroy the Reapers, after the traditional ending cut scenes, a clip roles of a burned Commander Shepard gasping for air in London, and then cuts to black. Since Shepard's so called 'death' took place in space, his survival of both the initial explosion and the re-entry forces of falling back to Earth is very unlikely, the only possible explanation is that he/she never died, but imagined the disappointing 'end' to the series. This means he is just waking up from the explosion from Harbinger's laser. This is reinforced by the presence of the child that died in the first invasion of Earth who claims to be the catalyst, which you continue to have nightmares about throughout the game. This further suggests that he is merely a symbolic representation of Shepard's feelings and guilt, and not what he is perceived to be. Also, another alternate ending includes an old man telling his grandson about the adventures of Commander Shepard. When he concludes his story, the boy asks him if he will tell another. The old man reluctantly agrees, telling the boy he has one more story about Shepard, suggesting that the endings we are presented with are not really the end. This may also explain the absence of any conclusion with Shepard's love interest, which has been such a driving factor in the entire series. Bioware has dropped many hints for us to digest, and the initial backlash from the fan base was just blown out of proportion because people didn't pick up on these clues earlier. In defense of Bioware, if everything ended happily ever after in the main game, it would hard to produce DLC branching off from an ending like that. This situation puts them in the perfect place to release a DLC in the coming months. Remember, Shepard is still alive and back on Earth and has still yet to wipe out the Reapers.
So tell me what you think in the comments, and how much you would be willing to pay to see a worth-while ending to the series. If I missed any other clues Bioware has dropped also feel free to comment. I will be keep posting up to date with developments in this, so rate and subscribe for future content. Thanks everyone for watching! :D

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Your inference is intriguing, except that it only happens in the "destroy" ending.  The Catalyst tells Shepard that, being dependent on synthetics him/herself, destroying all synthetics will kill Shepard also. Yet we already know Catalyst is not all-knowing.  It made mistakes at first; the Reapers were not it's first solution.  Now it is considering new alternatives because it realizes the Reapers will no longer work - or at the least there might be a better solution. My point is that maybe Shepard survived the destruction of synthetics; at least it as not immediately fatal.  Just because no information is offered on how Shepard gets back to Earth doesn't mean there is no explanation.  There is also insufficient infomation to insist Shepard is at the original beam site, or even in London for that matter.  He/she could in fact be almost anywhere in the galaxy.  I'd label this a teaser. If the intent was to imply this all was in fact a dream only, and Shepard never made it to the Citadel, then this snippet should be present in all endings. As for the representation of Catalyst; my read is that Catalyst took the image from Shepard and utilized it when choosing a form by which ti represent itself to Shepard.  Obviously, this is not any kind of "true" self-image; it has none, and I'm certain Shepard knows this. Finally, the story teller...  A nod to the fact that there are multiple endings to the story. Love it or hate it, I think BioWare showed immensely profound insight into human nature, maybe even even life in general.  The only thing I didn't like about the endings is that, well, it's over.
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BurgerKing P90
This is definitely possible. But couldn't the rubble on Shepard also be from the buildings on the Citadel?
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So i just finished the game and when the ending cutscene ended i was like:Worts... Ending... EVER... I woud liberely BUY the DLC which has a better ending. Jeremy Jahns had a point: Give us the DLC for free becose the game sucked. We already payed for a good ending Bioware! So the there better be a DLC with a better ending and IT BETTER BE FREE BIOWARE!!!!
If only the writers had enough brilliance to see your point of view.
Ahhh!! now It makes sense hahaha everything after shepard got unconcious was nothing but a fking nightmare xD
Ivan Drigalo
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Bioware said that they are going to make a Mass Effect 4. They said that Shepherds story is done and that they are going to focus on someone else like Garrus or Javic. Honestly I would like another game on Shepherd because Shepherd is still alive and the Reapers are still there. 
Jose Brito
So it's all a dream at the end...so I'm guessing that CUTSCENES don't exist.
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