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Published on Aug 20, 2011

At least 90% of everybody in this country struggles the majority of their lives and only a few, bothers to take a step back for a moment to think about why that is. We maunder thru "life" everyday; the majority of us not having the faintest clue of how we're actually living. There's more worry with NCIS then with the EPA. Concern for FEMA doesn't even come close to the cases on CSI. Who's going to run the CFPB pales in comparison to who's next to leave the "Bachelor Pad".

Yes, America's Got Talent AND America's got problems - and you're smack-dab right in the middle of it and you don't even know it.

The GOP is a party that finds it more comforting to lie than to breathe!
They are equivalent to the scorpion who stings the frog (assuring it's own death in the process) because their DNA contains vile GOP substances that will not allow them to change what they truly are. To destroy their own country's economy to "prove a point" doesn't even make it in the top 10 on their "Crisis List".

The uber rich has even MORE wealth in their sites and if you wind up finding yourself in their crosshairs, there will be NO hesitation in their actions and you are guaranteed to become collateral damage... As you and yours have already been. (fracking / deep sea drilling / tax breaks / tax subsidies / deregulation / derivatives / union busting / pension robbing / offshoring / outsourcing / gerrymandering / election fraud / disenfranchisement -- Take your pick!!! We are nothing more than road kill to the top 1% and it would behoove you to fully understand ahead-of-time that WE ARE IN THEIR WAY!!!

These are individuals and corporate entities that have been aided and abetted by the GOP of the United States Congress - who have endlessly shown themselves to be heartless tools!!! Since the GOP has taken over the majority in the House they have labored (w/a passion) to make it harder for a woman to claim rape! (even in cases of forced rape) AND these are the same shills that have pushed (EVEN HARDER) to end the ability for a woman to obtain an abortion. So in essence - (the sickening but perfect GOP picture) would have a woman being forced to bear the child of a man who has impregnated her as the result of a forcible sexual attack -- BUT could NEVER be brought up on charges because his actions would not be deemed a crime in the eyes of the law all across the country!


If you vote conservative, THAT THERE... is what you want!!!! There is NO OTHER direction to go with this! It is what it is. These are typical practices that aren't foreign to the heart of their party by any stretch of the imagination. This is a party that is full of cold-blooded individuals who have shown themselves to be selfish to the point of harming others!

I find it hard to express respect for a person who has full knowledge of their continued disgusting practices and find THOSE types of actions easy to digest AND defend. It sickens and pains my existence to have to (understand and accept) that there are fellow Americans who DO NOT find ideologies as these, deplorable!!!

& the sooner you open your mind to these very indisputable facts, the sooner you can open your eyes to what needs to be done to cease the very actions that not only threatens our livelihoods presently, but promises to crush the futures of the loved ones we will leave behind!


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