Let's Play Battalion Wars 1 - Mission 19: Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers





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Published on May 17, 2011

Right now, I'm a little frazzled with Super Mario RPG Revolution, while unsure what to do about the Hyphy Movement, the San Francisco Bay Area residents who prove that it doesn't deserve to be called the "Yay Area", the shallow girls who would say "wanna suck my pee" just to mock me, and the Oakland rioters. So now I'm LPing Battalion Wars? Why? Because it needs a proper LP.

Wanting to deal with the Iron Legion, Colonel Austin arranges WF forces to attack the Cenotaph, the building in the Crater of the Sun, so as to stop them from coming. WF gets support from the Solar Empire, which is minor at first, but once you free the POWs (the only time you see POWs in Campaign 4, by the way), they will be able to provide Fighter support. Nevertheless, it's a horrible night to have a commander.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers is one of the harder levels, to the point where I honestly don't know how I did it on the first go...misplayed. At first glance, it's nice to get FOUR Heavy Tanks and 2 AA Vehicles, while the enemy numbers aside from the Xylvania Rifle Grunts aren't particularly high. But once you get the ball rolling, IL Gunships will pop up and they're PUMPED UP TO THE POINT OF BEING ABLE TO TAKE ON YOUR ANTI-AIR VEHICLES! Worse yet, these Hyper Gunships respawn infinitely. And as if that wasn't enough, you have to fight your way through Hyper Heavy Tanks and a few Hyper Bazooka Vets--and yes, all of IL's units are boosted as well--before you can free the Solar Fighter Pilots on top of the hill. Until you do, you'll have to keep directing your AA Vehicles. For the HHTs, either swarm them individually or circle strafe them. The Hyper Bazookas can actually kill your infanry too if you're not careful, so burn them as fast as you can, always sending at least 2 Flame Vets on any individual one, and at least 3 on any that isn't otherwise targeted.

Once the Fighters are free, you no longer have to worry about the respawning Hyper Gunships, so just pick off the outside units. Watch your AA Vehicle placement so that they don't call out one of the HHTs. Once you are at one of the crater entrances, 2 Hyper Gunships will pop up and you'll want to ground them with your AA Vehicles because I'm not sure the Solar Fighters do anything about them.

Be careful about entering the crater too, because when you do, IL's units will spawn all over the place. At first, it's just Hyper Grunts and Hyper Flame Vets that your Heavy Tanks laugh at, but then soon enough you'll be seeing Hyper Bazooka Vets, then HHTs that INFIINITELY RESPAWN, and then Hyper Gunships that might respawn too but their appearance causes Empress Lei-Qo to deploy a couple extra Fighters to make sure you can stop the IL. I go for the east and north Obelisks ASAP because the latter can be the hardest to reach from either entrance, and the west one can take splash damage abuse via the double trouble HHTs that spawn there, which helps because the Obelisks have stupid hurtboxes issues to begin with. Once the Obelisks are destroyed, the Cenotaph loses its protection, and it is all that stands between you and mission completion.

Once your army vanquishes this horrible nightmare, Lei-Qo heads to the main part of the Cenotaph to take on the seemingly returned Countess Ingrid. Ingrid gets overconfident, charges up Vlad's Sword with lightning (WHAT'S WITH THAT THING ANYWAY?), and attacks Lei-Qo only to get defeated. After that skirmish, Lei-Qo wants Austin to follow to help deal with Xylvania.

Even though we see neither of them really contribute anything further to that job in this game.


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