Steve Stoute Speaks on Why Dame Dash is Broke +Alicia Keys, Jay- Z + More(part2)





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Published on Sep 15, 2011

courtesy of Power 105 1's The Breakfast Club

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southern cali
6:40 Dame discussion
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Thank you!
Cackling Tom
(Not that I don't appreciate the timestamp ;P just saying.. hes got some points worth hearing)
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Junius Markey
America is not on the road black. I don't care how much industry jargon you toss out there. You are listening to house nigger shills, raping our cultural intellectual legacy. We let em pass cause their black.
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Harvey Brown
Well said...especially the networking part. People have to be willing to spend and a lot of times nights to build something. Knowing someone even when working hard isn't a guarantee for success. I'm working on a startup right now and put the work into practice. "I hustle for my last name, not my first.".-Dame
loyal Johnson
Junius Markey agree
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Hip hop culture brings more nationalities together through music and dance than anything else on the planet.Religion drives people away from each other period
Sin causes death !!!! 
mainstream hip hop hasn't advanced race relations. white kids who are the majority of rap buyers now sing along to songs talking about killing black folks, degrading black women, and has increased usage of racial slurs ("if they can say it, so can I"). note i said "mainstream" - much of underground hip hop is not setting back people of color
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Lynette Rice
you're on point!
Rick Harding
+Amidat bingo!
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Junius Markey
If this black male moron surrounded by coons really believes there is a "tanning of America" ,somebody is sick.
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Junius Markey
You were obviously raised by a single mother with no class +ak47law .
+Junius Markey Get off my dick , old ashy ass muthafucka.
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Steve Donovan
Ehhh. Hip hop really isnt good. Most rappers advocate behavior that lands many youths in jail or dead in the streets. That life isnt cool boys. Going down in history for changing the world to a better place, making us a super race, thats wats cool, not jayz n mase. We need an economy thats recource based. The venus project knows my taste. Please brothers, lets change this disgrace.
Bamidele Adedapo
Ignorance doesn't mean stupid, it simply suggest you don't know what you're trying to talk about, Much more recent songs from Jay Z does not "advocate behavior that lands many youths in jail or dead in the streets". And that's why he been called names such as sold out, lame.......and that's why Obama is not ashamed to associate with him. You made an excellent point but named the rapper, I just hope not out of spite.
You must not listen to much HipHop then. You must be referring to mainstream Rap, which is Pop Music. Has nothing to do with HipHop or HipHop culture.
Seoul Goode
How ironic he just named "who's hot" right now: Nikki Minaj.  Awh dude, that comment in itself negates everything else you said.  He literally made the comment of no talent getting away with having no talent...
Who's "hot" isn't always the same as who is "talented" (although I have to disagree with you on Nikki Minaj. She may be "gimmicky" but she can spit!)  If being considered "hot" always had to do with talent, half of these lames collecting awards at the Grammys would have to go back to working at McDonalds!
this was said 3 years ago...Nicki & Drake are still here and bigger than ever
+TrevTumm That's true but what he said about the type of music she should do was correct 
Rick Harding
what are you talkiung about girl?
HIP HOP has no savior.......You get hurt,not healed..you become addicted,not free....your moral becomes weaker not stronger...you look out for self,you dont serve(unless u want to move up)........its no where close to "religion"...CHRIST is the ONLY WAY!!!
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you mean give money ,church is a business not a religion ,why are big churches built for a service on sunday one day a week ,make that building a shelter that's true service, just saying the bible was written by man ,so the bible is flawed, that why the bibles always paraprased
Tru Rudboi
+EliteBlackSash We have to end this black civil war been raging since the end of segregation, its now a minority only war.  People dont get it that these federal confederates never surrendered at the end of the civil war and have gutted key US cities of education and commerce, while destroying the economy by sending jobs to overseas allies. Nafta the gun, drug, human super highway of N. America has only helped them rebuild there war chests, legacy's and fuck with the good people in congress at every turn, Obama tried to do something good for many, they have 7 homes and were losing our 1, they try and blame it on minorities and welfare. while there propaganda is very slick. We must end this black holocaust that has wiped generations off the face of the earth. Im sick of these peoples ignorant racist shit on the U. I liked your comment. Peace
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Steve Donovan
Niki minaj offers notging to benefit society. Please. Wat would jimi hendrix think lol please
Nunya Bit'ness
I think people need to stop overanalyzing every song as if every song has to have some deep meaning or purpose. Yes, there are a LOT of crappy songs out there, but they aren't made to change people's lives. You're not in the club trying to break down the lyrics to see if what they are saying will change your life or the world. Those songs weren't made for that. You're not going to play that same ignorant song you would in the club when you're trying to sit back, relax, and reflect on life. By the way, Jimi Hendrix made a LOT of songs that, if you truly know his catalogue, had people saying the same thing about him back in the day that people are saying about Nicki now. But when people speak on him now, they only bring up the stuff that puts him in the category of "genius" (and rightfully so). So if you're going to speak on someone not benefiting society and use other artists to make your point, check your references first...
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