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Published on May 13, 2012

Not Normal Love? EP.1 Bella M.'s POV
I'm hanging out with my best friend Miranda Smith. Where both what people like to call...fish. But not any fish we're...mermaids. Miranda has a white tail mine is black. We where 10 when we figured out when we touched water we sprout a tail. It wasn't the best birthday surprise. Yes you both turned 10 on April 16. We're just like twins. End of POV

Bella: AHH!! *falls off chair* What?
Miranda: you started day dreaming.
Bella: well... Next time LET ME!!!!
Miranda: you yell at me when I do it!
Bella: yes that's because when I do it it's cute and endearing!
Miranda: oh shut up! And let's go for a swim.
Bella: ok
*They leave*

*With Jessie and Emma*

Jessie: I'm bored what about you?
Emma: same here.
Jessie: wanna "Cat" up and go fishing?
Emma: HECK YEA!!!
*They "cat" up and leave*

*With Grace and Bella S.*

Grace: UGHHH!!!!
Bella S: what?
Grace: Louis won't ask me out!
Bella S: to take that mind off that lets go running!
Grace: KK.
*they leave*

*With Selena and Amanda*

Selena: I can so go for some James blood right now!
Amanda: no your not drinking James blood!
Selena: does someone have a little crushy washy?
Amanda: shut up or I'll chase you!
Selena: do it! *runs out with super speed*
Amanda: *chases after her in super speed*

*With the boys*

Jesse: should I ask Jessie to the dance this Friday? *its Monday*
Zayn: If you do your mash up name
would be... Wait for it... JESSIE!!!! I and I'm asking Emma.
Brad: oh my god Zayn. I'm gonna ask Bella M.
Harry: *laughs* I think I'll ask Bella
Niall:S. or M?
Harry: S
Niall: I'm gonna ask Selena. Who bout you Louis?
Louis: I'm gonna ask Grace Laim?
Liam: *Day dreaming about Miranda* *Flash back*
Miranda *10*: Liam Ive always loved you.
Liam *11*: I've always loved you.
Miranda: *kisses his cheek and leaves* *End of flash back*
Everyone but Liam: EARTH TO LIAM JAMES PAYNE!!!!
Liam: WHAT!!!!
Louis: Day dreaming about when Miranda kissed your cheek and said she love you?
Liam: yes I'm gonna ask her.
James: I'm gonna ask Amanda *smiles*
James: shut up! *leaves*

*With Miranda and Bella M.*

Bella: *comes up* what a swim!
Miranda: I know right lunch is over in like 10 minutes lets go!
*they dry off and leave* *Later at school*

Liam: *walks up to Miranda* hey
Miranda: hey
Liam: Miranda Smith va a ir a la danesa conmigo?
Miranda: huh?
Liam: Miranda Smith will you go to the dance with me?
Miranda: yes *leaves*

*With Jessie*

Jesse: *walks up to Jessie* Hey Girly
Jessie: hi.
Jesse: pick you up for the dance at 8:00?
Jessie: is this your lame way to ask me to the dance?
Jesse: yes
Jessie: then yes *leaves*

*With Emma*

James: *walks up to her* Wanna go to the dance with me?
Emma: Sure *walks away*

*With Bella M.*

Brad: *walks over* Me you dance?
Bella: Sweet attempt and sure *leaves*

*With Bella S.*

Harry: *walks over* So you have a date to the dance?
Bella S: yes
Harry: *sad* who?
Bella S: You Stupid! *leaves*

*with Grace*

Louis: *walks up to her* Almost everyone had a date to the dance so do you want to go together?
Grace: sure! *kisses cheek and leaves*

*With Emma*

Zayn: *walks up to her* Wanna go to the Friday night dance with me?
Emma: sure! *leaves*

*With Selena*

Niall: *walks up to her* would you like to go to the dance with me on Friday?
Selena: no
Niall: *sad* wait what?
Selena: I would love to! *leaves*

The end.

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