Fox News YouTube Story Only Includes Republican Responses





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Uploaded on Sep 7, 2006

Fox News analyzed the growing political impact of YouTube on the August 22 edition of "Special Report w/Brit Hume." The more I watch the Fox News clip from which I made this video, the more bias I notice. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.

For TEN MORE EXAMPLES OF FOX NEWS BIAS, see my YouTube playlist at:



  1. 1

    Fox News Race Baits on Obama Trayvon Martin Remarks?

  2. 2

    Fox News Creates False Obama Contradiction on Immigration?

  3. 3

    Fox News Faults Obama For Not Saying What They Edited Out?

  4. 4

    Fox News Edits Criticism of McCain Out of Daily Show Clip?

  5. 5

    Fox News Crops Out Comedy From Catholicism Satire?

  6. 6

    Fox News Gives North Korean Nukes the Iraqi WMD Treatment?

  7. 7

    Fox News Hides Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's Debate Meltdown?

  8. 8

    Fox News Dishonest Editing of Obama Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu?

  9. 9

    Fox News Edits Out Jon Stewart Beating Bill O'Reilly?

  10. 10

    Fox News Hides Obama's Centrism?

  11. 11

    Fox News Dishonest Edit of Obama as Exclusionary?

  12. 12

    Fox News Creates Obama Contradiction That Isn't There?

  13. 13

    Fox News Creates Obama Gaffe That Isn't There?

  14. 14

    Fox News Smears Al Franken?

  15. 15

    Bill O'Reilly Slam on Amsterdam Factless?

  16. 16

    Fox News Editing Makes GOP Look Better, Democrat Look Worse

  17. 17

    [Deleted video]

  18. 18

    Should Fox News Cover Coulter Instead of Petraeus Hearing?

  19. 19

    Fox News Edits a Democrat to Make Him Look Worse

  20. 20

    Can Bush, Fox News, Others Blame Foley Scandal on Democrats?

  21. 21

    Fox News Softens Criticism of Bush from Daily Show AGAIN

  22. 22

    Fox News Cuts Democrats Response to Bush Veto of Troop Money

  23. 23

    Fox News Edits Criticism of Bush Out of Daily Show Clip

  24. 24

    Fox News Edits Criticism of Palin Out of Tina Fey SNL Clip?

  25. 25

    Fox News Smears Van Jones on His Way Out?

  26. Fox News YouTube Story Only Includes Republican Responses

  27. 27

    Fox News Shows Obama as DC Sniper Not John Allen Muhammad?

  28. 28

    Fox News Removes Innocence from ACLU Stance on Gitmo Detainees?

  29. 29

    GOP Leader Wont Meet Obama in Middle?

  30. 30

    Fox News Misrepresents Treason?

  31. 31

    Fox News Shirley Sherrod 2 Wrongs Make a Right Fallacy?

  32. 32

    Fox News Misreports Obama Gay Marriage Amendment Stance

  33. 33

    Fox News Hides Death Threat from Republican Candidate Carl Paladino?

  34. 34

    Rigged for the Rich?

  35. 35

    Fox News Lies About Libya Attack Response?

  36. 36

    Fox News Edits Out Grieving Dad's Criticism Of NRA, Politicians

  37. 37

    Fox News Attacks Atheists Fighting Tax-Exempt Churches Acting Like Super PACs?

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