Anaheim police open fire and use K-9 on women and children.





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Published on Jul 22, 2012

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In a response to a protest against a police shooting the police respond with extreme use of force and police brutality on innocent citizens. Sat July 21st 2012 in Anaheim California.

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The poor take it up the ass again. Police scum doing the work of the Rich and Elite, keeping them entertained, while keeping the poor in terror.
Charlie Ennis
Lol, " If people want to live in this free nation,they must obey the laws of the land." Kind of contradictory no?
and even if it wasn't a peaceful assembly, would YOU be fucking peaceful if someone related to you, or even just someone on the street who did NOTHING WRONG were shot dead, right in fucking front of you?! FUCK NO! and if you would be, well i guess that just speaks for itself.. 
All Out Throttle
whoa whoa whoa wait a minute! They shot a white dude? OK this is bullshit i kid i kid
And this is just a smidget of whats to come
John Melchick
They didn't show what led up to this, i highly doubt the cops just opened fire and let loose dogs on civilians. So everyone stop fucking complaining. If only they were using real bullets so they could deal with what appears to be uneducated fucking degenerate wastes of life that can barely speak a legible sentence.
John Russell
Thats cops of the states for u power hungry assholes learn your rights
Non of these so-called Anaheim police deserve to even be called piggs. They all deserve to be in prison for life. 
The Dollar Guy
My crystal ball says "bankruptcy" after uploading this video feed into it for proper analysis. Interesting.
yeah it doesn't both sides are wrong, but the start of this whole situation is just ridiculous
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