Just Speak - Jemi Story - Episode 19





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Published on Aug 3, 2012

Episode 19

Demi's eyes lightly flutter open and she takes in her surroundings. Large white room. The round ticking white clock, the sun beaming in from behind the white curtains. Demi's eyes widened and she tried to get up and she found herself still in her clothes.

"Hey, hey," She heard that familiar soft voice which calmed her a little bit. She looked over to him. She saw Joe. He noticed the terrified look in her eyes. "Just...calm down...you're okay, Demi. You had a panic attack and you passed out from hyperventilating, they gave you some sort of injection that made you sleep over night. You're leaving today, I promise. Well, after they check on you. I'll get the doctor." Joe says. Demi shook her head. "Demi, no one's going to hurt you okay." Demi grabbed his arm, begging him not to get the doctor. She just wanted to go to her room and curl into a ball and cry. Herself being in a hospital room being known as the patient made her memories a lot more familiar.

Joe sighed, but looked over where he heard the soft gentle voice. "Oh, Miss Lovato. You've awaken. I'm your nurse, my name is Beth." Demi nodded. "I'm going to get Dr. Linton." She stepped out of the room.

"Demi, all they're going to do is see if you're 100% okay and then they'll discharge you. Alright?" Joe said wearily. Demi slowly nodded. Dr. Linton stepped into the room.

He smiled warmly, "Hello Demi." He says. "Alright, I'm just going to flash this light into your eyes. It shouldn't be too long. I just need to check them." He said, Demi slowly nodded again. The doctor pressed a button on the remote for the bed, making Demi sit upright. He turned on the small flashlight and shined it in Demi's left eye.

Suddenly, a memory of head lights coming towards Demi and her mother came to mind and she cringed and hid her head into her hands. She whimpered softly. The doctor dropped the flashlight, turning off the light. "Do you feel pain?" He asked, concerned. Demi shook her head. "Okay, Can you look into the light again, please?" Demi shook her head. The doctor sighed. "I want to know if you have any head trauma, so can you remember the words Boat, Dog, and Swing. When I get back I want you to tell me those words. Okay?"

"She doesn't talk." Joe said to the doctor. The doctor arched his eye brows.

"She's mute? Why didn't someone say something to me before?" He asked. "No, No, she can't be mute, I heard her crying out yesterday." The doctor stated. Joe sighed.

"She's not mute. She just...doesn't speak." Joe said. The doctor looked at him like he was crazy. "She had a bad experience which resulted in her refusing to talk. She usually texts or uses something to write on to communicate." Joe says to the doctor. The doctor looked at Demi who was playing with her hands.

He sighs, "Alright. I'll get the nurse to bring in a white board and marker for her. In the mean time, I'm going to be helping another patient. Make sure she doesn't walk around, she needs to stay sitting up or laying down. She shouldn't move around until I know everything is absolutely fine with her." Then the doctor walked away.

Joe shook his head at the doctor. He didn't like him very much. He especially didn't like him after yesterday when the doctor refused to listen to him when Joe spoke the truth and told them it was a panic attack, they didn't listen to him until after Demi was pushing away the oxygen bags and such.

Demi smiled slightly at Beth who handed her a white board and a marker. "There you go, dear. Ring me if you need me." She said, smiling and then walked away. Demi immediately started writing something.

What about school?

"I called us both in sick, I told Miley and Selena that you were upset and needed the day away and you'll possibly be back later and Nick knows what's going on." Joe answered. Demi nodded.

What about your Mom?

Joe smiled slightly at her. "My Mom is doing good today. I actually just visited her last night and early this morning. She's worried about you." Demi smiled and erased the written words on the board, cleaning it spotless. "What was wrong?" Joe asked. "You looked afraid when he put the light in your eyes."

Bad Memories..

Joe nodded and then rubbed her arm comfortingly. "I'm sorry I brought you here." He apologized. Demi shook her head and gave him a reassuring smile.




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