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Published on Mar 6, 2014

http://goo.gl/s5N64U This link will redirect you to the page shown in the video.

Jelly Splash Cheats instructions:

1. Click the above link
2. Download the tool from the website shown in the video.
3. You might be asked to pass human verification. Follow the instructions provided on the website. This is required to protect our shares from mass downloads by bots and malicious activity.
4. Unzip the tool and start it.
5. Connect your device, select the appropriate OS or input your Facebook ID and click the Connect button.
6. Select the required items and amounts.
7. Click on activate.
8. Restart your device or relogin to Facebook.
9. Enjoy the game.

In each level of the game, players are offered a gridded game table that's jam-packed with a variety of adorable multi-colored jelly creatures. The target is to draw a collection connecting as much touching like-coloured jellies that you could to wake them up and obvious them from the overall game board. Making larger strings of matches will produce a special glowing type of jelly on the board, which can clear a whole row or column of neighboring jellies when matched. Jelly Splash offers up a small number of different level sorts, but non-e of them are whatever you probably haven't observed before. From the essential "match enough jellies to attain the score control," to the more difficult, but still familiar clear ink spaces, free trapped jellies, and fall diamonds to underneath of the overall game board puzzles, the parameters are just enough to keep the gameplay varied at times, while never doing whatever inventive or unique wildly. You'll desire to finish each puzzle whatsoever amount of moves as possible, as each leftover move will result in corresponding bonus chain reactions in the end-game Splash Time segment.

I think the largest missed opportunity in Jelly Splash may be the fact that the sport ends up getting completely devoid of any type of power-ups to help you finish off some levels with much better star-qualifying scores, or at least, to just change things up a little bit every now and then. Because of this, the overall game store itself feels especially underutilized. The only points you can purchase in the store tend to be more packs of coins, that may only be used to get more hearts when you go out of lives: nothing even more, nothing less. You'll lose one of your 5 hearts every time you fail a level, but since they regenerate for a price of 1 per half an hour, there's really not too much incentive to part with your coins, unless you're actually dying to drive on and keep playing immediately. This is great for individuals who despise microtransactions and desire to make it to the finish of the game without spending a dime, but there's nevertheless something to be said concerning the lack of content and various gameplay options to be enjoyed here, regardless of whether they're locked behind a paywall or not.
One of the biggest types of how Jelly Splash tries to slice corners and do sufficient to encounter as a finished sport is evidenced by the repetitive globe map. Every 20 amounts in the overall game are sectioned off by way of a different themed area, because the small icons wind down a sandy trail and showcase your gained star completions. The first of the areas is seaside themed, the second reason is jungle themed, and the 3rd is... beach themed once again. The complete map alternates between these exact same two similar looking beach and jungle places, and becomes a far cry from the wonderfully varied maps that we've been accustomed to in King games, which give us snowfall worlds, lava worlds, and the rest imaginable in between. Along these relative lines, the jelly creatures themselves are usually nice enough to check out, but everything about their personality styles and the animations that happen when they're cleared from the table makes me feel just like there just might have been something more right here.

So in the end, I'd be lying to you easily said that Jelly Splash wasn't a good enough mobile game. The larger problem is that it's difficult to recommend enjoying it over a great many other similar video games like Candy Crush Saga that the very same points but with tons more character and taste, and which you've probably already started enjoying before. With a real insufficient twists to the formulaic gameplay, not forgetting too little real content overall besides whatever is merely repeated to feign substance, Jelly Splash eventually ends up as an unfortunate sticky mess that you'll desire to clean off your kitchen area counter, rather than delicious experience that you'll desire to consume between two slices of breads.


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