Burning Half a Million Korans





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Published on Apr 7, 2011

Download your korans here:
or here:

This week in Afghanistan over 12 people were lynched because a Pastor in Florida burned the Qur'an.

While I disagree with his motives for doing this, there can be little argument that he has revealed that a large portion of the islamic world thinks that Islamic religious laws should apply to the rest of the world.

I am not Islamic. I am not subject to Islamic laws.

Doing nothing will not address this issue.

So the obvious choice of action is a mass decentralized action. The sort of thing that was successful with Draw Mohammad Day. But what to do.

It has to show the absurdity of this religious law in the digital age. The obvious thing is download the Quran and delete it. Well there are various options open. Create a half a million copies of the Koran and delete them. Well thats all very good and well, but I have a load of hard drives I need to decommission. The obvious thing is, prior to cracking them open, download as many copies of the Koran onto them as possible. Turns out thats about 50 000 Qurans in Arabic.

It must not be seen that threats of violence have resulted in the de facto application of Islamic law to the rest of the world. It would be an atrocious precedent to set.

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Timothy Jordan
Stop the generalizing. Not ALL muslims are peaceful. Just a few.
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Midnight Animal
burn the Qurans burn the mosques
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well i downloaded a Koran and copied it a fuckton of times and then deleted them
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Burning a quaran should be a legal obligation for citizenship in developed countries. Voila! Terrorist-free.
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Astro Naut
islam is worse then nazis this will become the next world war
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Obi-Wan Kenobi
The Qur'ān is like weed...you'll get stoned for burning it.
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Jimmy Cees
talk about mentally challenged people. Muslims really are so challenged by their beliefs that they kill and murder over a book that says it's ok to rape women and children?
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Instead of us converting to islam, we should convert that desert into glass.
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Tim Pathos
Allah is a pig. There, I'm responsible for the death of 50 people in Afghanistan now.
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Git Gud Nub
i thought it said burning half a million Koreans xD
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