AnoobArak vs. Deathbringer Saurfang - 2-player kill





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Published on Sep 16, 2011


Nuc - Draenor EU - Resto Druid
Tarrent - Draenor EU - Marksmanship Hunter


1) "Broken Home" from Black Wing Butterfly by Sekshun 8 - http://www.sekshun-8.com

2) "Orphanage" from Angelic Asylum by Obsidian Shell - http://www.obsidianshell.com

I think this is the closest in this xpac that a hunter or druid will come to solo Deathbringer Saurfang.

We may not be able to solo him individually, but he can be 2 manned! It is one beast of a fight at our ilvl, however.

I don't produce enough DPS to beat the boss' enrage timer (8 minutes), and Nuc cannot heal enough to keep us up for the entire fight. So, in addition to healing, Nuc is DPSing and keeping an armor debuff up on the boss, and keeping thorns up on the pet. I am keeping Mend Pet up during parts of the fight to supplement Nuc's mana conservation and to help cover difficult spots in the healing. My Mend Pet spell stays up continuously in the last stage of the fight as a real part of keeping the pet alive.

The mechanic which requires a tank swap does not happen if Saurfang never melee strikes a player. But that is the only break we get.

Nuc has respecced to have hit chance, and swapped in some talents that are specialized for this fight, as well as made a glyph change. AnoobArak (the pet) has been respecced exclusively for physical mitigation + dps, and I'm raid-specced except for adding talents which amplify healing upon myself and the pet.

My damage has to manage the aggro for the fight, plus pull the adds to me (never push to the pet) and kill them, and I'm carrying most of the damage on the boss, of course. Nuc's healing is further complicated beyond the DPS needs by his rooting one add at each add spawn, + managing his mana. The mana management is difficult, and the mana expenditure has to be timed to coincide with his cooldown on innervate.

The healing output required ramps up during the fight. It cycles in difficulty as the boss gains and loses his blood power, and gets higher when the mark goes out. It turns into hell when he hits the 30% soft enrage - plus, his blood power grows during this period. When the adds pop during the soft enrage, it is easy to accidently allow the pet to die.

At this ilvl, it takes one hell of a healer to make all of this happen (which Nuc is), and at least a passably-good hunter.

As you can see, we are quite close to the enrage timer when we get the kill. Should the boss reach that 8-minute enrage, he insta-kills the pet. While it is true that an enraged Saurfang can be bounced back and forth between Nuc and myself via Distracting Shot, it's not for the best. He tends to heal up in those circumstances and is generally quite nasty. Battle-rez on the pet is useless because the pet's spec does not include a taunt - even if an enraged Saurfang wouldn't kill the pet again within seconds. So, the enrage timer is for real.


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