Miracles Happen [A Nelena Story] Episode 75





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Uploaded on Oct 13, 2008

**with selena and nick**

Selena: **laughs** so whats up?

Nick: youll see. cmon, lets go to my room. **walks upstairs**

Selena: **follows nick upstairs**

**in nicks room**

Nick: **sitting on his bed with his guitar and a song sheet**

Selena: **confused and sits next to nick**

Nick: ready?

Selena: for what?

Nick: **starts playing his guitar and singing** if the heart is always searchingcan you ever find a homeive been looking for that someonei cant make it on my owndreams cant take the place and loving youtheres gotta be a million reasons why it shouldwhen you look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me

Selena: **starts tearing**

Nick: **stops playing** whats wrong?

Selena: **wipes her tears** nothing

Nick: welldo you like it?

Selena: **smiles** its beautiful

Nick: i havent finished yetim still working on the chorus.

Selena: i gotta go.

Nick: what? but you just came.

Selena: yeai have something planned. ill call you later. **leaves quickly**

**with selena**

Selena: **walking on the curb and is deep in thought**

Ryan: **sees selena** sel?

Selena: **about to cross the street**

Ryan: **sees a car** SEL!!!

Selena: **too deep in thought and doesnt hear ryan**

Ryan: SEL!! **starts running towards selena**

Selena: **in the middle of the street and turns around** ryan?


Selena: **confused and turns around and sees a car coming straight towards her**

Nick: **walks out of his house and sees a car about to hit selena** SEL!!!

Selena: **screams and jumps out of the way in time but still gets hit by the car a little**

Nick&Ryan: **runs to selenas side**

Nick: sel, please wake up.

Ryan: **shaking selena** sel!!

Nick: **looks at ryan** CALL 911!!

Ryan: **quickly pulls out his phone and calls 911**

**at the hospital**

Nick&Ryan: **sitting outside**

Joe&Demi: **quickly run to where nick and ryan are**

Demi: wheres selena?

Nick: shes inside. **points to a room**

Demi: what happened?

Ryan: she got hit by a car.

Demi: what?! howd that happen?!

Ryan: i dont knowi just saw her walking across the street. then i saw a car coming and i called her but she seemed like she was thinking about something and didnt hear me. the next thing i know, she was laying on the floor.

Demi: **tearing** sel, you have to be ok.

Joe: **hugs demi** dont worry, shell be fine.

Nick: since when were you two back together?

Joe: today.

Nick: and how did this happen?

Joe: ill tell you later. nows not the time.

Nurse: **walks out**

Nick: **quickly runs to the nurse** is she ok?

Nurse: i cannot answer that but the doctor will be out shortly to answer all of your questions. please wait here patiently. **leaves**

Joe: well she was a great help.

Demi: **walks back and forth**

Joe: **walks next to demi** shes strong. shell be fine.

Demi: i hope so

Nick: **buries his face in his hands**

Doctor: **walks out** family and friends of selena gomez.

Nick: **runs to the doctor** is she ok?

will selena be ok?

what will the doctor say?


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