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Published on Aug 25, 2008

I feel a bit bad for Malak in Knights of the Old Republic. I've always believed that it was his friendship with Revan that caused his fall to the dark side.

From Wookieepedia:
"As you duel on the Star Forge, Malak is eventually brought to his knees, mortally injured. Amazed that he has been defeated, Malak begins to regret turning to the dark side. Revan tells him that it was the way of the dark side: all things die in the end.

Malak tells Revan that maybe there was more truth in the Jedi Code than he ever believed, and wonders what would have happened if their positions had been reversed; if he had been captured by the Jedi and returned to the light. Revan apologizes to Malak for starting him down the path of the dark side, but reminds Malak that he had chosen to continue it.

Malak dies with sorrow and regret over his deeds, and without hatred or malice towards his one-time closest friend."

I wanted to share this with everyone, although it's not really my speed (but I LOVE the other ending included with this mod). This mod's a little strange. It is only for Female, DS players. Strange because saving Malak would be something that a light sided player would do, but you can't trigger it unless you're dark sided. Anyway, this is part of Kristy Kistic's "2 Altered Endings" mod. You can find it here: http://www.kristykistic.110mb.com/mod...
It's neat to see what happens, but I'll admit that I laugh HARD at Malak, and the way he stands all stiff at the celebration at the end. Also, strange, is that since he apparently takes Zalbaar's place at the end, Zalbaar ends up M.I.A. (even though I don't kill him when I go DS). This mod, basically turns a dark sided play thru into a light sided one. ;)

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Yeetlord Clockwork
Aang the last airbender has joined your party
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Erika Hassemer
Malak's punishment is to keep his arms in the air for all eternity. XD
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Darth Sidious
Laughed my ass off when I saw Malak just standing there XD
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I love the idea of this. Malak still did every horrible action like before, but because he said sorry, he gets a medal along with the others! Also, seeing him stand there in the default pose at the end was amazing!!
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Malak is HUGE!!
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"you have defeated Malak.." Malak stands arms out like: "wtf do you mean bitch! I'm standing right over here!"
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Jonah Falcon
Malak: "I can't put my arms down! It's the DARK SIDE!"
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7:14 Canderous is like "Who the hell invited this nigga?!"
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So happy this wasn't in the game. Would have made it all a joke.
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7:12 - Mandalorian: *Turns to Malak* "My lord, do I kill them now?" Malak: Quiet, fool. You're ruining my static pose
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