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Published on Dec 12, 2012

Do you realise you have been Earthing or Grounding DAILY, and have NOT even realised it. You have access to natural remedies and essentially have a natural health store at your home, and nature health has been treating you. As Earthing has powerful anti-inflammatory healing properties, how can you increase your daily dosage of Earthing easily and inexpensively INSIDE your own home or workplace? I will show you how. This is Louis Gordon from ANTRAC Acupuncture Clinic, in Toowoomba, in South East QLD, Australia. I have been involved with natural health care and alternative medicine for more than 3 decades. More and more enlightened people are finding out about the power of Earthing. This video may very well change your life for the better, so take off your shoes and relax. There are many places OUTSIDE where you are being Earthed naturally, so long as you have bare feet. Do you know that connecting with the powerful healing energy from the Earth may be what is missing from your life? I am going to tell you how you can get back to Nature and feel the healing energy from the Earth flow into your body on a daily basis. Please note that throughout this entire presentation "Grounding" is another name for "Earthing".

The Earth is an infinite reservoir of negative electrons, generated from the photons from the sun and from lightning strikes. Modern Science has confirmed that within a second of touching the Earth with our highly conductive bare skin, many electrical changes occur in our neural electric body. Thanks to the Creator, the Earth donates a vast number of negative free electrons to us as a free gift.

The beach is a great place to get Earthed due to the water logged sand and the high salt levels, which make the sand VERY conductive. Being IN sea water is a powerfully effective way to Earth ourselves. Even river and creek water is suitable for Earthing, so long as there are no leeches. Green grass is also VERY effective. So is dirt, dry ground and even concrete so long as it is not sealed. Earthing or Grounding simply means having our body make intimate contact with the surface of the Earth outside -- it is that simple.

Consider, when was the last time you spent several hours making direct contact with the ground outside where you live? If you are like the average person living in this modern world, you probably touch the Earth with your bare skin for less than an hour per month. We were designed to be Earthed for most of the day. Look at wild animals in natural settings. They are Earthed 24/7. The good news is that YOU are probably already Earthing for a few minutes INSIDE each day WITHOUT EVEN REALISING IT. "How so?" you may ask.

Using an Earthing Connection Product Tester I have determined that there are many places INSIDE where you are being Earthed naturally, so long as you have bare feet. Water flowing from your taps throughout your house and yard is actually Earthed or Grounded, just so long as the plumbing pipes are metal, which is highly conductive. So, you are actually Earthed INSIDE when you are having a shower, just so long as the shower is plumbed with metal pipe. So the water delivered to your bathroom sink and shower has major medical implications beyond health and hygiene including oral hygiene, hand washing for kids, and the personal hygiene for you and your children. It is like having a natural health practitioner on call 24/7. And you probably didn't even realise it.

Have you ever noticed that when you get out of a shower that pain anywhere in the body is reduced, your head is freed up and you can think more clearly, sun-burn is reduced, skin conditions are less itchy, sinuses are more open, your chest feels freer, your joints are less stiff, and your mood is elevated? Have you ever noticed that while under the shower you get great inspirational ideas? That is NOT because of the soap. All of these positive changes happened because you were grounded. The grounded water from the shower rose falls onto your head, and immediately stabilises your left hemisphere, so that mental chaos goes and creativity rules. I often leave the shower with great ideas for another YouTube Video and a head full of novel things to put on my "To Do List".

How can this creativity and mental clarification be increased on a daily basis? Easy! Ground yourself for longer than it takes to have an environmentally-conscious shower. You can incorporate Earthing Substitute Products (ESP's) into your daily life easily and inexpensively -- for less than 17 cents per day. In most advanced countries around the world Earthing is a simple matter of plugging your Earthing Fitted Sheet or Earthing Half Sheet, or other Earthing Product into the closest power point, to connect with the Earth pin. So click the play button and be further enlightened.


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