Ah, It's a Wonderful Cat's Life 96neko, Len English lyrics/ subtitle





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Published on Dec 24, 2011

hi:) Im aki. This is actually my first upload!!XD Thx for watching

nico nico douga:

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English lyrics

translated by me:)

- plz let me know ur email if u want a full japanese english lyrics;
It's too long and couldnt be posted here all, so;;TT;plus, idk how to make subtitles;;

but here's only english part of lyrics

This is such a cute 「Len!」

White fur is marvelous

Under the shimmering star,

shooting star!

won't you play with me?

no. heeeeeeeey~

a cat's life is only once

so enjoying is winning. (winning in life)

for the snell that is holding you,

let's cut it off

stop, don't touch me, don't come near me!!

outside is so good nya nya nya

stealing fish and drinking Tapioca

In noon, we don't even give a glance to

working people and sleep on top of roof

you too, freely

let's introduce some cool friends, too

so open the window to the society, and

fly away


stop ittttttttttt!!!

Just be the police's cat

If I had to be kept by someone, I would like to be by you...

no, I want to keep you, better than that.


stop itttttt

This is (sexually) pervert 96neko,


only eyes are sparkling in the dark

your breath is really violent

do not come any closer to me

my brotheeeeeerrrrr!

don't come!

cat's life is only once

and that's why I'm being kept

would you ever know

the value of the brand snell

I am elegant nya nya nya

tasty banana and soft bed

I don't really like water, but

I shower every day

compared to that, nya nya nya

who are you being protected by?

you don't even know ... actually it would be nice if you get hit by a car tomorrow


That Tsundere side is cool, too.
(*tsundere: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsundere)

I don't like it

I became to like y... I love you!

Hmm, so honest

but in that pace,

you can't turn my mind.

My dream is to nya nya nya

run out of this street someday

go to a faraway land in North

and drink Tapioca to death


I want to live~~

If you are there nya nya nya

It would be so wonderful

I don't want to.

But It seems hopeless

Changing lifestyle is nya nya nya

not that easy

and I can't make the girl

who is waiting me alone.

who, who?!

shut up.

In the middle of the conversation nya nya nya

wait, you're leaving already? hey, wait a second!

You may come here tomorrow, too.

I'll be waiting

I'm back~ kirick(sound)

don't come. go back

again, again~~~ being shy~~


so cute~~ so cute~~

ha ha ha (sound of violent breath)

chundere hshs (Internet sayings that means smelling something violently)

chundere hshs


stop itttttt

well!! let's go together to drink Tapioca!

First... would be Taiwan!!

Have a great trip~ and do not come back again.

I know that you want to come with me in your real mind...


stop itttttttttttt((crying

hi i just started youtube..
Im aki and im 14 years old, a girl.
I translated pretty lots of vocaloid songs in Korean on my blog, and this is my first time to translate in English; yes, im not really good in speaking english;;
plz tell me any errors in the lyrics:)
Thx for watching!!


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