Hackers, Cyber crime, and a New Kind of War.





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Uploaded on Aug 8, 2011

In which Hank talks briefly about the fundamental shift in espionage, warfare, crime, and activism that may re-define our age.

More about Stuxnet here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7g0pi4...

with a pretty in depth article here:


Hackers have been mounting increasingly sophisticated attacks. Billions of dollars have been stolen, and even more has been lost in the form of stolen intellectual property and infrastructure damage. Stuxnet proved that a computer hack can do real-world damage, and if it can be done once, I doubt we will be able to stop it from being done again.

Unlike traditional warfare, we frequently don't know where cyber attacks come from. And with the right team of people, an attack could be pulled off that could destabilize the entire world. It's pretty scary stuff.

On a lighter note...I've started up my gaming channel again: http://www.youtube.com/hankgames

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Hacker - a person who can manipulate computers and technology, but more usually a person who breaks into computers that they should not be inside of. 

Vulnerability - a problem in software that can grant access to data and processes that should be kept secret, like passwords or credit cards or the controls to a nuclear power plant. 

Exploit - Software or procedures that allow people to take advantage of vulnerabilities. This will often come in the form of a simple script that anyone with even basic computer knowledge can run.

0-Day Exploit - An exploit that has not been released into the wild. Only the hacker, and possibly his or her close associates, know about the security hole at this point. A 0-Day exploit for an operating system can be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

White Hat -  A hacker who uses his skills for good, informing organizations of security holes in their software, often these people are just referred to as security experts.

as ooposed to: 

Black Hat - The sort of hackers that we generally call to mind when we hear the word Hacker.

Patch - Software update that fixes the vulnerability. Often patches are not applied and exploits remain in-use for years.

Script Kiddies - Armies of unskilled, usually young people who just run scripts that hack targets for hackers above them in an organization. Occasionally they also operate on their own.

Cyber - A prefix that I hate, but am unwillingly using because it has become the standard because old people who read newspapers and watch cable news feel comfortable with it. I love William Gibson though!

Own: To take control of. An owned computer or server (or zombie) is controlled by hackers. This is where pwn comes from, by the way.

Anonymous: A loosely organized group of individuals identifying with a certain weird bunch of values like anarchy and "don't mess with us." They hack things that piss them off.

Stuxnet: The most advanced piece of malware ever created which caused the shut-down of Iran's nuclear refinement program.

42: HHG2G reference, which are common in hacker culture.


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