Canada's New Non-Asian $100 Bill





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Published on Aug 19, 2012

The disappointing story of Canada's new $100 bill.
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Oh look, our money is melting too: http://newsfeed.time.com/2012/07/17/i...

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Asians make up the second largest ethnic group in Canada so its hardly a misrepresentation.
what the fu*k Canada
such a good point and let's ask "Who built Canada's railroad system and risked their lives doing?" the Japanese, and "Which soldiers got treated like crap during WWII?" - the Japanese and anyone not white. And we "neutrals" are now are the minority so it'd likely be good if we learned to forget about race and live in harmony 
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Rhapsody 76
+Steve Hill ok but I get where you're coming from. A lot of ppl refer to white people as racist because of what they've done in the past, and i bet it's rly hard for the new generation because they didn't do any of it yet they're being accused. However, I don't think it's right to say that a certain race is being racist toward the white people. Race is just a blood line and has nothing to do with perspective.
Rhapsody 76
+Steve Hill but your second comment isn't all so true. If you've ever been to China you'll know that they treat foreigners nice than they do themselves. But those who immigrated from China think a bit differently, however the majority of Chinese are not racist toward Caucasians
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way too much racial envy against Asian in Canada. its tough to be superior.
@gunnarolla HAHA I think the bottle of maple syrup is the best! Considering that the $100 dollar bills smells like maple syrup. It's kind of weird to sniff a lady looking in a microscope (* ~ *) --- Just sayin'
+evanafter yeah. but like the smell is probs faded on most. only the new ones would smell.
Wait. The money legit smells of maple syrup???
Greg Anderson
"Anti-Racists" demand MASSIVE 3rd world immigration & FORCED assimilation on to EVERY & ONLY White countries.  This is an OPEN SHUT clear cut case of GENOCIDE as defined by international law.  Diversity is just a codeword for White Genocide
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Rhapsody 76
And.... How does that relate to the video?
Steve Hill
+Alex Kreus why can't u admit he's right? What he said is factual...
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They forgot, its the Chinese who invented paper money:)
We asian should reclaim canada since its asian land, the natives are asian!
Josh Smithson
Oh Canada... and your overly sensitive politically correct ways. Too much PC comes full circle and makes everyone seem racist.
Josh Smithson
+Josh Smithson Wow! I swear to god (person I don't believe in) that I posted this before I got to Gunnarollas comment: "When we try to be too PC we end up being very offensive."
Jellies McWhite
feel ethnicity is for each person to choose/ decide themselves and is simply no-one elses’ beeswax  :||  Who else knows who you identify with and why?  I don’t know about ‘ambiguous ethnicity’ as that suggests someone else trying to decide for you and ‘neutral’ is just silly - maybe ‘mixed’ would be a better word for self-identification? Eg:  You may have parents from one, or more ethnicities/ have lived in different places that affected your identity/ lived somewhere very multicultural (step 3) - the ethnicity you identify with is probably a mix anyway, if you look at history.   It’s a shame some people spend so much time looking for what separates, rather than what we all have in common  :'-((((
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