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Published on Jul 30, 2010

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That being said, there were some H...I...L...A...R...I...O...U...S one liners in this clip;I was laughing uncontrollably at ALLL of these:

Pilot: "808BL, you told us to follow the Embraer and that's what we did"
Ground: "You follow the Embra-EHHH?!?!?"

Ground: "Somebody didn't do something right"

Ground: (to Jetblue 1069) "You can't just do...you can't just do..." *exasperated sigh* "...see, this takes so much energy, guys"

DAL929: "We're Bravo, short of Victor"
Ground: "Yea, right....Who's Bravo short of Victor??"

Ground: "Delta 929, just follow the HAWKAAH"
DAL929: "Ok, well uhh, the Hawker's 2 planes in front of us"
Ground: "GREAT! Delta 1869, you're behind the HAWKAAH?"
DAL1869: "Correct"
Ground: *exasperated* "Jetblue 1069, you gotta just...do what i ask, sir"

Ground: "Now i'm all screwed up...Jesus, Jetblue"

Ground: "Jetblue 707, i'm sorry, where didja say you were?"
JBU707: "Yes sir, we're holding short of Echo"
Ground: "Short of Echo on WHEEH?"

Ground: "Jetblue 35, what's the problem?"
JBU35: "Who do you want us to follow?"
Ground: "You're on Bravo, you're short of Victor-Alpha, you're abeam the Iberia?"
JBU35: "We're abeam Alitalia on the left there"
Ground: "Abeam Alital??...alright, just hang on...Jetblue 179?"
JBU179 "Yessir, we're ahh number 2 holding short of Victor-Alpha on Bravo"
Ground: "*&^(% who's the first Jetblue on BRRRRRRAVO short of Victor-Alpha?!"

Ground: "Jetblue 179, you're the second one, follow the company ahead"
JBU179: "Follow the company ahead, Jetblue 179 we'll visit you at the duty free"
Ground: "Not the one in front of ya, but the one in front of him, the one in front of ya's an arrival"
JBU179: "Sounds good, we'll follow the guy that's following the Alitalia"

and the BEST for last:

JBU707: "Kennedy Ground, good evening, Jetblue 707 we've got Hotel, and we're holding short of Hotel - Alpha"
Ground: "Who is that?"
JBU707: "Sir, that's Jetblue 707"
Ground: "And you're WHEEEEH, and you're doing WHAT, short of WHO?'

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, and Ground's laughing though half of his transmissions. Priceless!

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This guy needs a raise
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Chris Brocato
that man deserves a cookie
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Ron Swanson
"We'll visit you at the duty free." Hahahahaha.
Captain Carl the Chemtrail Pilot
You followed the Embreeyayah?
Sounds familiar: Who's on first? I'm not asking you--I'm telling you. Who is on first. Well, all I'm trying to find out is what's the guy's name on victor alpha? Oh, no, no. What is on victor bravo. I'm not asking you who's on second. Who's on first!
That ATC is getting frustrated!!
Ry Curley
"You...you..can't just do that". 😂😂😂
Seth Mack
7:12 you guys should come up here someday you'd really in joy the show 😄
Herman Schiller
This guy is GREAT, a true professional with a sense of humor. I'd want him on my team in any occasion.
Glen AW
I have listened to this several times. This  is a great recording!! The controller is great!!
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